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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Katrina Truth-Research Site A-1

Katrina Truth-Research on the Hurricane Katrina Disaster is by far, one of the best researched, documented and news-covered site about the Hurricane Katrina Disaster.

I highly recommend this site to one and all.

Great job, Katrinatruth!

Keep Alito Off the Bench & You Can Help!

Dailykos is not taking the weekend off in fighting to get the Democrat Party in filibustering Alito thank God. Folks, Alito is seriously bad for our entire nation. Really bad.

Please join them and if you need the DNC, DSCC and your Senators phone numbers, click here.

I tip my hat at how hard the non-neocon/non-radical Republican bloggers are working. Democrats up on the Hill had better listen because this is such a significant event, many Dems are certain to loose seats if they don't back Senator Kerry, Kennedy, Clinton and others in filibustering Alito.

Special BRAVOs to those fighting on the frontlines like Mike Malloy over at AirAmerica...

And the Fontline Bloggers:

The Agonist
The Democratic Daily
Mark Crispin Miller
Vichy Democrats

You can change things before Monday, January 30th, 2006 before 4:30 p.m. Call your Senators. Send a pre-made free fax PDF form. Fax 13 target Senators for the filibuster for free at I did and it took me all of 3 seconds.

Daily Kos: State of the Nation: "AlitoTraitorWatch"

Call your Senators before Monday afternoon.
Tell them to vote "no" on Cloture, and "yes" to filibuster Alito.


One of the most fantastic, peaceful meaning web site finds in sometime, "Rogerart (dot) com" is the site of the day - heck, the entire year for that matter.

Checkout his art, paintings, and tons of links and freebies, too at WORDS ON PAINTINGS.

I don't know who this guy or gal is, but whomever it is they're blogging for the most sincere goodness of our entire world.

May God bless this rogerart person, and a "Citizen of Earth" handshake back at ya.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Mike Malloy Wins New York A.I.R. Awards!

Mike Malloy "Speaking the truth to Power."

If you haven't heard of Mike Malloy, well, he's one of the best nightly Air America Radio online and XM radio station talk radio host around, along with Randi Rhodes and so many others fighting to get the truth out.

Malloy has been around for almost 20 years and according to his website, it's won him admirers (self included) as well as awards. All I know is I'm a huge fan and don't know where I'd be without him some nights.

Speaking of awards, Mike has won the March of Dimes A.I.R. Achievement in Radio Award in New York for "best talk radio show of the year."

Liberal Chrystie is sending out a special congratulations to Mike, his wife Kathy and Molly! Thanks for hanging-in there for folks like myself.

If you'd like to hear Malloy's archived shows, head over to The White Rose Society. To learn more about this historically significant society and how they got started during the World War II era, head over to the Wikipedia free encyclopedia online and read-up on the history of this nonviolent resistant group. They were brave freedom-fighters during the Nazi regime period.

In Memory of Hans, his sister Sophie Scholl, Christoph Probst, Alexander Schmorell and Willi Graf, executed for participating in a resistance movement against the Nazi regime through "White Rose." All were in in their early 20's, and students at the Munich University. It's noted that all but Sophie were war veterans fighting on the "French and Russian fronts."

Thanks to

They Really Thought They Were Free: Nazi Germans

And they did...

Read more of this sad, historic, WWI period at "The Third Reich: They Thought They Were Free," by Milton Mayer. Of German and Jewish descent, he describes how his life went from a "decent man," to total Nazi. He would later become an American journalist.

"Kudos" to RCD, the Web Host for the "Third Reich Roundtable" web site.

DID YOU KNOW: Time Magazine named Adolf Hitler as "Man of the Year" in 1938 because he was "applauded wildly and ecstatically by most Germans." And added, "Hitler became in 1938 the greatest threatening force that the democratic, freedom-loving world faces."

"First they came for the Communists, but I was not a Communist so I did not speak out.
Then they came for the Socialists and the Trade Unionists, but I was neither, so I did not speak out.
Then they came for the Jews, but I was not a Jew so I did not speak out.
And when they came for me, there was no one left to speak out for me."

Paster Martin Niemoller ~ 1945

Wikimedia Foundation Needs Help Folks

Personal Appeal From The Wikimedia Foundation:

Come on folks. Make a tax-deductable donation to Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales.

Wikipedia was the best online find for me in eons. You can find almost anything defining and it's great for a fast reference. Whether it be historic in nature, famous people, quotes, people, places and things - you name it.

But, right now the founder of this site needs our help.

Did You Know: It's one of the top 30 web sites on the Internet, and it was accomplished (2005) spending less then $750,000.00 growing rapidly, it's offered in other languages, to boot!

You can donate using Paypal, other methods, calling an 1-800 number or snail-mail.

Disclosure: This site & webmistress has no vested interest in Wikipedia (wish I had :), other then passing on the word for a site I happen to cherish. And, because thanks to this site all age groups from around the world can read free textbooks, reference works, all created freely.

Support John Bonifaz Running for Massachusetts Secretary of Commonwealth

John Bonifaz | Democrat for Secretary of State:


"As a candidate for Secretary of the Commonwealth, I will support citizen efforts aimed at bringing our Massachusetts National Guard troops home from Iraq. We must fight to end this illegal and unconstitutional war and bring our troops home now."

"I will press for greater corporate accountability..." and he adds, "it ought to be accountable to the workers and people of our Commonwealth." He's determined to respect oversight responsibilities in Massachusetts and fight for your interests."

John Bonifaz Blog
Featured in the Daily Hampshire Gazette

You've got to read his "Voters' Bill of Rights."

John Bonifaz is a co-founder of the group - the group responsible for getting out the only word to the American people about the "Downing Street Memos," and helping Rep. John Conyers, Jr. and so many others - all patriotic heros in today's world of progressive politics.

Read the new questions on petition fraud claim here.

Other co-founders of the members include David Swanson, Bob Fertik, Tim Carpenter and Steve Cobble.

Folks. When I hit the internet in search of the truth right after the Nov. 2004 elections (I knew something horrible had happened again in my beloved county), these were the first people I found. Because I knew Al Gore won in 2000, and Senator John Kerry won by a landslide, till Fox News made that announcement just minutes before midnight on Nov. 2, 2004.

I don't know where I'd be without the likes of Mr. Bonifaz.

You say you haven't heard of the Downing Street Memos? Well then, check it out here and here, and here here, here, here and here.

John Bonifaz has worked tirelessly against the odds and I commend, and respect him highly.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

John Kerry Blogging Live: Filibuster Alito

Senator John Kerry blogged live tonight over at "The Daily Kos" web site. There is hope if enough people call their Senators.

Visit John Kerry's Diary here.

The Left Coaster: One of the Best Blogs Around

The Left Coaster

One of the best Left leaning blogs around. Insightful, this is where I get my news. You should give this "outside-the-beltway" perspective a shot. Thanks Left Coaster, for telling it like it is.

Timeline Leading to the Iraq War
Uranium from Africa & Treasongate FAQ

Excellent new & opinion site. I highly recommend visiting.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Political Pundit Chris Matthews Owes Americans an Apology

Political Pundit Chris Matthews Owes Democrats & Americans an Apology

A new site has hit the Internet air-blogs. It's an open letter to MSNBC's Chris Matthews of Hardball. The url is:

Yes, it seems Matthews creating a real stir among his "other half," namely democratic Americans.

In recent days Matthews equated Democrats, Michael Moore, and any American against the war in Iraq to the yet-to-be-found-all-but-forgotten-except-under-strange-cirumstances-and-odd-coincidentally-timed-terrorist, Osama Bin Laden.

Congressional Representative Louise Slaughter has great concerns over Matthews' comments and so do a lot of other Americans - like more then half the country, self included!

Yes, Chris Matthews... When you made those statements comparing critics of the Bush administration to the likes of Bin Laden, you joined the ranks of Fox News' O'Reilly.

Way to go, Chris. You blew-it!

I'm with Rep. Slaughter, and the folks that created Open Letter to Chris Matthews Blog Spot finding his remarks way over the top, horribly reckless, filled with cruel political rhetoric, way past absurb, and extremely offensive!

I think it's another harmful way to divide Americans still further. And, I'm profoundly mystified by these events, as much as everything going on in our country. Is it just me? This is scary, and closely resembles how the Hitler era began. I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone, not the US of A.

So, until Chris Matthews apologies to Democrats for these horrible statements, and I mean a sincere, heart-felt apology on-the-air, I'll never watch MSNBC again and sway from their advertisers.

Read all about it here and here.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Courageous Patriots: Georgetown University

"Those Who Would Sacrifice Liberty for Security, Deserve Neither."

A paraphrase of a quote by Benjamin Franklin and held-up on a huge banner today at a conference at the Georgetown Univeristy Law School.

See the photos of these courageous young people whom turned their backs on Gonzales in protest against warrantless surveillance pre 9/11 on Americans.

They did it for all of us.

Support DEMS to WALK OUT

Someone started a blog called WALK OUT

Head over and comment your suport for Dems to Walk-Out. This is not about Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Green, Independants, and those of no particular voting preference. This is about our Constitutional rights and so much more.

This blog was inspired from the original article by writer/author William River Pitts at Truthout Org suggesting Dems to Walk out.

A Major Lesson in Current Affairs

Weaving the "Why?" Strands: The Bushevik Puzzle ~ by Bernard Weiner, Co-Editor of The Crisis Papers.

Learn (right now) about all of our nations major issues, namely our current affairs happening right now in his most current article. It is compelling and an easy-read.

BIO: "Ph.D., has taught government & interntaionl relations at various universites, worked as a writer/editor with the San Francisco Chronicle, and currently co-edits The Crisis Papers."


Sunday, January 22, 2006

John Kerry's Blogging W/All at Daily Kos!

Daily Kos: Real Hardball: "That's reason to be outraged - but even more outrageous is the fact that in a flurry of sound bites what was lost was a real discussion of the fact that more than four years after the devastating attacks of 9/11, more than four years after George Bush boasted we wanted Osama 'dead or alive,' more than a year after Osama Bin Laden showed his hateful face in yet another video, this barbarian is still very much alive and boasting of additional attacks against the United States."

Read Senator John Kerry's diary, too at Daily Kos. And while you're at it - send him your thoughts.

Add'l: This is the absolute best! Thank you, Senator!!!

Great Blog: David Sirota

Excellent blog!

David Sirota's latest Huffington Post blog cuts right to our economic problems. Entitled, "The Dishonest Economic Fantasies Screwing Over Ordinary Americans" really hits home.

If you read nothing else today, read this article. It's very informative.

And, he has a new book out called Hostile Takeover.

Has She No Shame: Katherine Harris vs. Ben Nelson

According to today's headline story from The HuffingtonPost, Katherine Harris is seriously low on campaign money, but, hey... that won't stop Florida's Gov. Jeb Bush from stacking the election votes in her favor.

Even though Democrat Bill Nelson has 6 million for his campaign, compared to Harris at about 1 million or so, though it's hard to tell the way the article is written. Comments are coming-in, just the same.

You figure it out (She gave herself ? 250k, but raised over 1 million):

AP Writer, Brendan Farrington (Yahoo Article)

"Fundraising has also gone slower than she expected and she acknowledged Saturday that she gave her campaign $250,000 during the final quarter of last year. She said, however, that she raised more than $1 million in other cash contributions — double the amount she raised in her first quarter of fundraising."

When asked how she felt compared to (D) Nelson's 6 million in the bank since September, Harris reportedly stated, "We know that when we turn out the Republicans, we'll be victorious."

Ah-ha! Obviously "more" Floridians have already placed their money on the candidate they want to represent them, "Ben Nelson." Yet, Harris sure seems like it's a shoe-in.


Has she no shame after the 2000 Presidential election?

Friday, January 20, 2006

Constitutional Debates: A Week of Historic Crossroads

Here's some interesting Constitutional literary works online. Hope other's find them useful.

Just a Bump in the Beltway
Bob Geiger
Love All People
The Crisis Paper
Thomas Paine - Historical aspects of this famous Revolutionary writer.
American Constitution Society

Great Website Find: The Religious Left

The Religious Left

What a great site I just stumbled upon. It gives one hope.

You'll find:
Thumbs-up. There is nothing like finding another peaceful, kind, compassionate liberal religious site, dedicated to Jesus' teachings.

Is this the End of Our Democracy?

See what others think at The Blog | Martin Garbus: How Close Are We to the End of Democracy? | The Huffington Post: b Martin Garbus

"There is no crisis today that justifies suspending the constitution. There is a constitution in effect today. That constitution has endured for over 200 years.

Bush's cry of 'crisis' is as false as former Chief Justice Rehnquist's (and four other Justices) cry of crisis. Each time both Rehnquist and Bush tried to set aside the Constitution to get an illegal result."