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Sunday, July 31, 2005

James Wolcott Tells It Like It Is

James Wolcott's article, Let the Recriminations Begin: is an excellent read about the atrosities from the neo-con's failed invasion of Iraq.

Sadly, read this, then weep. I highly recommend James Wolcott's blog. Thumb's up sir, for having the courage to tell. it. like. it. is!

And so does Paul Craig Roberts blog.

American Hero: Case of Sergeant Benderman

Click here to read Truthout Org's article, written by Camilo Mejia regarding the case a 10 year Veteran who's concious objection to return to Iraq from what he witnessed and learned while serving his country, his tours of duties were far from the truth, far from what America was suppose to be all about... like when he was ordered not to help an injuried child, and more... now he's heading for a sentence of 15 months of confinement.

The case ofSergeant Benderman is one of what true patriotism is really all about because he took a stand, and didn't coward-out. No, he stood his ground.

Read his tale. It might surprise you to learn some truths rather then propoganda.

The War of Iraq. All based on LIES! Wake-up, American's... before it's too late. You could begin here: Raw Story: Path of War Timeline, because PEACE TAKES COURAGE!

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Don't SAY War is Hell - SEE It!

You say "War is Hell," and that's just the way it is, huh. Well, take a look right here then tell me a war based on lies was worth all of this.

Thanks to the sincere efforts of the Cape Codders for Peace and Justice and those below for having the strength, decency and courage to take a stand. I commend each of you - I am humbled.

This is what real courage is all about. Not killing for Oil, Profit and Lies.

Heros: Raw Courageous Souls

American Friends Service Committee:
Other Lands Have Dreams: From Baghdad to Pekin Prison:
Cindiy Sheenan:
Military Families Speak-Out:
WW II Combat Vet, Bob Silverberg's Veterans For Peace:
James Kinney - Creator of "The Cost of War:"

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Do You Trust Your Politicians?

You know, who do you trust? Certainly not Republicans, and not all Democrats either. That's where I'm at right now. I've exercised my voting freedoms since I was 18, remembering how proud and sincerely thrilled the feelings were when first placing that vote. But lately, I just do not know anymore. My area is filled with a lot of corruption, too. From the phone company on down and up. No wonder people 'round these parts are disgusted and fed-up. Many have given-up and refuse to even vote. I'm getting to that point, as well. Maybe they don't care about our votes? Maybe those HUGE corporations really do pay their salaries, though I swear last time I checked it was the tax-payers.

Originally, I began as a Democrat but soon turned into an Independent - maybe it was that youth-thing, you know - claiming your independence so one could feel grown-up. At least I felt I was voting on the issues. Ironically, I never really got into all the local politics, except the governor race. I never had to pay much mind to my local Senators and Representative because I simply trusted them and for so long at that. But when I see major corruption going on up on from that stinkin' "hill" and it leads literally into my home (phone/cable service/jobs/disability/injuries/death), I have to wonder what exactly is going on and for how long. And Democrats wonder why they've lost so many voters. Honestly.

Quite frankly, I can name some politicians I'm more proud of in recent times and their not necessary from my own state: Congressman Conyers, Tubbs and the other African American House members command my utmost respect, as it seems their the only ones with the spine to stand-up to the corrupt Republicans. I think Obama is too Conservative. If you're going to be a Conservative, fine, but run as a Republican then, you know.

Now, I do like Gore, Edwards, Kerry, Leahy, Kennedy and Durbin. These Senators command my respect as much as my attention. If I get an email from them, I click away but not just for them, but because their issues and just the fact that they do email me asking for my opinion (even if it's not well written), at least I know they care enough to go out of their way. Little things really do mean alot and of course I know, they're aides to this but still, it means a lot to this voter. And there was 1 Republican whom was from somewhere out in the mid-west that stood-up last week on the Senate floor denouncing his own party. I wish I could remember his name because he made me very proud to be an American - the most patriotic thing one can do is dissent. It took courage and integrity with what he did. The other Republicans should take note. Corruption get's you no where fast - honest does pay-off because this liberal would vote for that Republican anyday, if I lived in his district.

So what is up with the other Democrats? I wish I knew, but I do know this. I've been checking out all the colleges and universities in Massachussetts and as long as Kennedy and Kerry continue to represent the state I might move up there. Yes, the taxes are high, but you know... I'd rather live amid a diverse group of people whom care about their neighbors then to stay in a state that seems to have turn it's back on it's voters. Maybe it's the mood I'm in tonight, but I'm feeling a bit betrayed by those I thought I could entrust with my very livelihood.

Oh... there is 1 political woman from my state whom I'll always have a soft spot for, still one can't help but feel that something's just are not right. Are they afraid? I hope not. Doesn't give folks like me any assurance, now does it. Why should I get upset, and fight for those making tons more money when they do less and less for their voters.

Hope this is just a mood thing. Time shall tell.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Need to Read the Truth? Check these Links

I thought, in honor of this past weekend's "Downing Street Memos" anniversary I'd share some fantastic news, and blog sites I've found very helpful. Please give them a visit and learn about important issues that affect each and everyone of us Americans. Learn, and read what you do not hear or see on the TV networks. Learn what I have... I know the truth now, so can you.

American's Un-Sung Hero's:

Get the Rove Clock Right Here

Step right-up folks, and checkout the new "Rove Clock." Thumbs-up, Dems! Been too long a'-coming.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Iraq Photos from Troops

I do not know who created this site entitled, but someone has apparently been assisting our troops and allies get their tour of duty photos from Iraq to "out here." You'll first see "red warnings" stressing some photos are graphic, and some are in deed. Yet, there are many more photos of the troops faces, their messages, like the one below, the way Iraq looks, and so, so much more.

Maybe it's our troops (?) I don't know. I do hope someone finds their loved-ones here. While I have no one over there, I really want them to come home, as does "everyone" I know, from all walks-of-life. Everyone is fed-up, especially many that at first backed this war. They're angry and want their fellow Americans home "now." You should hear what my fellow Republican voter neighbors and acquaintainces have to say about the war (not the troops).

Proud of each and everyone of you over there. Hope you come home safely ASAP! And to think, all in the name of O.I.L. Whatever happened to Osama Bin-Forgotten? Well, don't worry troops, we've not forgotten you - not one single day.

Yeah. Why Can't they call home, Mr. President? I've lost track how many billions (got be in the trillion zone by now) of dollars supposedly sent to our brave men & woman in Iraq - so where is the phone time? Wonder if these two brave souls know that somewhere in the hot, lonely desert is a place run by the big war-corps (ching-ching) swimming in million dollar swimming pools. And all these guys wanna do is call home. Here at home, if Congress doesn't give Bush his way, he threatens to veto the defense spending, and did I mention all the base/VA hospital closing going on all over the country. Yeah, oddly the ones from NJ/NJ on up into MA are closing big-time. Think of it. Not only will we have no protection along the eastcoast and west, but we'll have thousands of citizens out of work, as well as all those small businesses that thrive in these areas. Hmmm... won't do much in the way of the cities and towns financial worthy either, now will it. And you gotta wonder why...

Hope these 2 got their calls home.

Go to their photo site. Pray for them. And while you're at it, please give to the USO; Round of your pennies, nickles, and dimes -- Anyone can send them a few bucks, so they can at least call home. Sad. What's the matter with Republicans and to think, these guys would still come home and vote for Bush & Co. Then again, word is they only get to listen to Rush 24/7. Wait till they get home and start hearing the truth.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Oberon Awaken Thee

A MidSummers Night(mare) Dream Awakens Thee.

Enter Oberon

What though seest when thou dost wake,
Do it for they true-love take;
Love and languish for his sake,
Be it ounce, or cat, or bear,
Pard, or board with bristled hair,
In thy eye that shall appear
When though wak'st, it is thy dear,
Wake when some vile thing is near...

Awaken... Oh my poor world, someone awaken her from the grieving, the pain, the sad, sad sorrow. Dost thou wish to be deceived? Have you not heard the calling of the truths from the growing masses no longer alone amid our deeply troubled waters? Their spirits cry for thine ears to just be heard. Ever so peacefully one by one if that's what it takes even though the mythical beast ignored it's history. Explore your freedoms, and hold them dear to your heart. Failure has now found itself at the top here.

Will thou turn away from all the blood or make them accountable? Here the whispers? Come, here, and see with thine own eyes what one brave soul can accomplish. It boggles one's mind, endlessly.

They are not afraid to make them accountable amid the crisis, stifled by such strangeness. But this is reality and it's speaking-out from all corners of the wilderness. It is oh so scary, so near. Lend them your ears, and hear them speak - hear their words, their anger as the echos bellow outwards from the likes of a white rose -- such brave souls, I dost not pretend to merit their levels. So, I point over here to another "one" brave soul, hearing their hearts cry-out purely as it's only natural to want to hang-on. Those quiet woods are roaring now with secrets -- no longer.

Pard not and wak'st to the facts.

It took a lot of courage to speak these truth and it hurts we, the average. Yet others are mounted on those roads less travels, yes those have begged that peace takes courage.


Friday, July 22, 2005

Walk Child of the Mist Before...

At present, in this vicinity, the best part of the land is not private property; the landscape is not owned, and the walker enjoys comparative freedom. But, possibly the day will come when it will be partitioned off into so-called pleasure-grounds, in which a few will take a narrow and exclusive pleasure only -- when fences shall be multiplied, and man-traps and other engines invented to confine men to the public road, and walking over the surface of God's earth shall be construed to mean trespassing on some gentleman's grounds. To enjoy a thing exclusively is commonly to exclude yourself from the true enjoyment of it. Let us improve our opportunties, the, before the evil days come.

Live free, child of the mist -- and with respect to knowledge we are all children of the mist. The man who takes the liberty to live is superior to all the laws, by virtue of his relation to the lawmaker. "That is active duty," says the Vishnu Purana, "which is not for our bondage; that is knowledge which is for liberation: all other duty is good only unto weariness; all other knowledge is only the cleverness of an artist."

It is remarkable how few events or crises there are in our histories, how little exercised we have been in our minds, how few experiences we have had. I would fain be assured that I am growing apace and rankly, though my very growth disturb this dull equanimity -- though it be with struggle through long, dark, muggy nights or seasons of gloom. It would be well if all our lives were a divine tragedy even, instead of this trival comedy or farce.

Henry David Thoreau ~ Walking

Thoreau: Little did he know how his words might someday ring true by merely using his mind; his common sense; his strong desire to see past the lies. He just had a tough time rising above those lies that were growing amid the towns he left for the wilderness -- to think about it. In reality, he was troubled by what he seen, and more so by what would be. Maybe he was soul-searching for a way to live amongst all of "that," which was to be in three-fold times infinity.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Robert Nominee: Why Should I Care?

Why Should I Care? Because I am a True Patriotic American!

  • He believes in taking away freedoms from a woman's right to choose. No law should ever erode Roe vs. Wade period. The government, nor the Supreme Court Justices should ever involve themselves in how people conduct their personal lives on these types of issues "because" it's up to the parents - period.
  • Because in my viewpoint it's merely a way to distract the media and the public from the Rove / Libby Leak scandal that was just getting going. Other then that, I don't believe Roberts can harm us because I believe the Democrats will become the majorty party again and everyone knows the Democrats believe in Democracy for everyone.
  • First things first: I want to see Judge Fitzgerald do the right thing for the American people and begin his indictments on the Plame/Wilson/Rove/Libby & who knows whatelse's.
  • He acted totally unappropriate with regards to a 12 year old girl arrested on a D.C. subway because she was eating a French Fry. She was arrested, handcuffed w/those plastic things (whatever), and treated harshly as a minor child. In my opinion, she was a little girl. Google it.
  • Wife or daughter was a member of Feminist for Pro-Life.
  • Donated money to Quayle/Bush campaign & was part of Attorney's for Bush 1.
  • A Federalist. I've yet to see this party on any voting ticket.
My Biggest Concerns:
  • Is he a member of PNAC?
  • Is he part of a deal to turn his back on this administratation that's broken more then all the rules?
  • Will he really be fair, and honest to the American people or determine to his personal idealogies? Can he see past his personal ideas, and do the law to the letter?
Wait and See:

If things don't change soon, and if Social Security is derailed for survivor's/disabled, here in my once-loved country, I'll sell everything and leave. Never thought I'd say that, but that's how I feel now. Callers on the radio & some on C-SPAN seem to agree, as well. Thought I was alone with that thought, one I never dreamt of ever saying, nor thinking. When I hear various Republican's say (online, TV, radio) that Democrats are "this and that" using very ugly words like "the enemy" it's past sad, past madness, it's sick and makes you feel so unwanted in your own country. Even certain religious leaders on television have turned long-time friends and supposedly southern family members against me, all before I had even figured it all out as to "why." But sadly I have learned today most people are brain-washable, hateful, cruel and do not care about their fellow American, must less their fellow human beings. And to think, I'm more a Christian, more a patriot then any of these ex-family, ex-friends. Always knew many of them were not quite right, but I over-looked them out of compassion. Seems compassion is just a word to toss around for self-preservation and convience, rather then truly meaning it.

Learning to Blog

I'm going to need sometime to update this newly created blog. In the meantime I'll add links for everyone to follow and hopefully enjoy.

On the sidebar are just a few of some really great places to hang-out at, learn, read and keep up-to-date on all of today's issues.