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Sunday, July 31, 2005

American Hero: Case of Sergeant Benderman

Click here to read Truthout Org's article, written by Camilo Mejia regarding the case a 10 year Veteran who's concious objection to return to Iraq from what he witnessed and learned while serving his country, his tours of duties were far from the truth, far from what America was suppose to be all about... like when he was ordered not to help an injuried child, and more... now he's heading for a sentence of 15 months of confinement.

The case ofSergeant Benderman is one of what true patriotism is really all about because he took a stand, and didn't coward-out. No, he stood his ground.

Read his tale. It might surprise you to learn some truths rather then propoganda.

The War of Iraq. All based on LIES! Wake-up, American's... before it's too late. You could begin here: Raw Story: Path of War Timeline, because PEACE TAKES COURAGE!


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