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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Do You Trust Your Politicians?

You know, who do you trust? Certainly not Republicans, and not all Democrats either. That's where I'm at right now. I've exercised my voting freedoms since I was 18, remembering how proud and sincerely thrilled the feelings were when first placing that vote. But lately, I just do not know anymore. My area is filled with a lot of corruption, too. From the phone company on down and up. No wonder people 'round these parts are disgusted and fed-up. Many have given-up and refuse to even vote. I'm getting to that point, as well. Maybe they don't care about our votes? Maybe those HUGE corporations really do pay their salaries, though I swear last time I checked it was the tax-payers.

Originally, I began as a Democrat but soon turned into an Independent - maybe it was that youth-thing, you know - claiming your independence so one could feel grown-up. At least I felt I was voting on the issues. Ironically, I never really got into all the local politics, except the governor race. I never had to pay much mind to my local Senators and Representative because I simply trusted them and for so long at that. But when I see major corruption going on up on from that stinkin' "hill" and it leads literally into my home (phone/cable service/jobs/disability/injuries/death), I have to wonder what exactly is going on and for how long. And Democrats wonder why they've lost so many voters. Honestly.

Quite frankly, I can name some politicians I'm more proud of in recent times and their not necessary from my own state: Congressman Conyers, Tubbs and the other African American House members command my utmost respect, as it seems their the only ones with the spine to stand-up to the corrupt Republicans. I think Obama is too Conservative. If you're going to be a Conservative, fine, but run as a Republican then, you know.

Now, I do like Gore, Edwards, Kerry, Leahy, Kennedy and Durbin. These Senators command my respect as much as my attention. If I get an email from them, I click away but not just for them, but because their issues and just the fact that they do email me asking for my opinion (even if it's not well written), at least I know they care enough to go out of their way. Little things really do mean alot and of course I know, they're aides to this but still, it means a lot to this voter. And there was 1 Republican whom was from somewhere out in the mid-west that stood-up last week on the Senate floor denouncing his own party. I wish I could remember his name because he made me very proud to be an American - the most patriotic thing one can do is dissent. It took courage and integrity with what he did. The other Republicans should take note. Corruption get's you no where fast - honest does pay-off because this liberal would vote for that Republican anyday, if I lived in his district.

So what is up with the other Democrats? I wish I knew, but I do know this. I've been checking out all the colleges and universities in Massachussetts and as long as Kennedy and Kerry continue to represent the state I might move up there. Yes, the taxes are high, but you know... I'd rather live amid a diverse group of people whom care about their neighbors then to stay in a state that seems to have turn it's back on it's voters. Maybe it's the mood I'm in tonight, but I'm feeling a bit betrayed by those I thought I could entrust with my very livelihood.

Oh... there is 1 political woman from my state whom I'll always have a soft spot for, still one can't help but feel that something's just are not right. Are they afraid? I hope not. Doesn't give folks like me any assurance, now does it. Why should I get upset, and fight for those making tons more money when they do less and less for their voters.

Hope this is just a mood thing. Time shall tell.


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