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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Iraq Photos from Troops

I do not know who created this site entitled, but someone has apparently been assisting our troops and allies get their tour of duty photos from Iraq to "out here." You'll first see "red warnings" stressing some photos are graphic, and some are in deed. Yet, there are many more photos of the troops faces, their messages, like the one below, the way Iraq looks, and so, so much more.

Maybe it's our troops (?) I don't know. I do hope someone finds their loved-ones here. While I have no one over there, I really want them to come home, as does "everyone" I know, from all walks-of-life. Everyone is fed-up, especially many that at first backed this war. They're angry and want their fellow Americans home "now." You should hear what my fellow Republican voter neighbors and acquaintainces have to say about the war (not the troops).

Proud of each and everyone of you over there. Hope you come home safely ASAP! And to think, all in the name of O.I.L. Whatever happened to Osama Bin-Forgotten? Well, don't worry troops, we've not forgotten you - not one single day.

Yeah. Why Can't they call home, Mr. President? I've lost track how many billions (got be in the trillion zone by now) of dollars supposedly sent to our brave men & woman in Iraq - so where is the phone time? Wonder if these two brave souls know that somewhere in the hot, lonely desert is a place run by the big war-corps (ching-ching) swimming in million dollar swimming pools. And all these guys wanna do is call home. Here at home, if Congress doesn't give Bush his way, he threatens to veto the defense spending, and did I mention all the base/VA hospital closing going on all over the country. Yeah, oddly the ones from NJ/NJ on up into MA are closing big-time. Think of it. Not only will we have no protection along the eastcoast and west, but we'll have thousands of citizens out of work, as well as all those small businesses that thrive in these areas. Hmmm... won't do much in the way of the cities and towns financial worthy either, now will it. And you gotta wonder why...

Hope these 2 got their calls home.

Go to their photo site. Pray for them. And while you're at it, please give to the USO; Round of your pennies, nickles, and dimes -- Anyone can send them a few bucks, so they can at least call home. Sad. What's the matter with Republicans and to think, these guys would still come home and vote for Bush & Co. Then again, word is they only get to listen to Rush 24/7. Wait till they get home and start hearing the truth.


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