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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Oberon Awaken Thee

A MidSummers Night(mare) Dream Awakens Thee.

Enter Oberon

What though seest when thou dost wake,
Do it for they true-love take;
Love and languish for his sake,
Be it ounce, or cat, or bear,
Pard, or board with bristled hair,
In thy eye that shall appear
When though wak'st, it is thy dear,
Wake when some vile thing is near...

Awaken... Oh my poor world, someone awaken her from the grieving, the pain, the sad, sad sorrow. Dost thou wish to be deceived? Have you not heard the calling of the truths from the growing masses no longer alone amid our deeply troubled waters? Their spirits cry for thine ears to just be heard. Ever so peacefully one by one if that's what it takes even though the mythical beast ignored it's history. Explore your freedoms, and hold them dear to your heart. Failure has now found itself at the top here.

Will thou turn away from all the blood or make them accountable? Here the whispers? Come, here, and see with thine own eyes what one brave soul can accomplish. It boggles one's mind, endlessly.

They are not afraid to make them accountable amid the crisis, stifled by such strangeness. But this is reality and it's speaking-out from all corners of the wilderness. It is oh so scary, so near. Lend them your ears, and hear them speak - hear their words, their anger as the echos bellow outwards from the likes of a white rose -- such brave souls, I dost not pretend to merit their levels. So, I point over here to another "one" brave soul, hearing their hearts cry-out purely as it's only natural to want to hang-on. Those quiet woods are roaring now with secrets -- no longer.

Pard not and wak'st to the facts.

It took a lot of courage to speak these truth and it hurts we, the average. Yet others are mounted on those roads less travels, yes those have begged that peace takes courage.



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