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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Robert Nominee: Why Should I Care?

Why Should I Care? Because I am a True Patriotic American!

  • He believes in taking away freedoms from a woman's right to choose. No law should ever erode Roe vs. Wade period. The government, nor the Supreme Court Justices should ever involve themselves in how people conduct their personal lives on these types of issues "because" it's up to the parents - period.
  • Because in my viewpoint it's merely a way to distract the media and the public from the Rove / Libby Leak scandal that was just getting going. Other then that, I don't believe Roberts can harm us because I believe the Democrats will become the majorty party again and everyone knows the Democrats believe in Democracy for everyone.
  • First things first: I want to see Judge Fitzgerald do the right thing for the American people and begin his indictments on the Plame/Wilson/Rove/Libby & who knows whatelse's.
  • He acted totally unappropriate with regards to a 12 year old girl arrested on a D.C. subway because she was eating a French Fry. She was arrested, handcuffed w/those plastic things (whatever), and treated harshly as a minor child. In my opinion, she was a little girl. Google it.
  • Wife or daughter was a member of Feminist for Pro-Life.
  • Donated money to Quayle/Bush campaign & was part of Attorney's for Bush 1.
  • A Federalist. I've yet to see this party on any voting ticket.
My Biggest Concerns:
  • Is he a member of PNAC?
  • Is he part of a deal to turn his back on this administratation that's broken more then all the rules?
  • Will he really be fair, and honest to the American people or determine to his personal idealogies? Can he see past his personal ideas, and do the law to the letter?
Wait and See:

If things don't change soon, and if Social Security is derailed for survivor's/disabled, here in my once-loved country, I'll sell everything and leave. Never thought I'd say that, but that's how I feel now. Callers on the radio & some on C-SPAN seem to agree, as well. Thought I was alone with that thought, one I never dreamt of ever saying, nor thinking. When I hear various Republican's say (online, TV, radio) that Democrats are "this and that" using very ugly words like "the enemy" it's past sad, past madness, it's sick and makes you feel so unwanted in your own country. Even certain religious leaders on television have turned long-time friends and supposedly southern family members against me, all before I had even figured it all out as to "why." But sadly I have learned today most people are brain-washable, hateful, cruel and do not care about their fellow American, must less their fellow human beings. And to think, I'm more a Christian, more a patriot then any of these ex-family, ex-friends. Always knew many of them were not quite right, but I over-looked them out of compassion. Seems compassion is just a word to toss around for self-preservation and convience, rather then truly meaning it.


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