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Friday, July 22, 2005

Walk Child of the Mist Before...

At present, in this vicinity, the best part of the land is not private property; the landscape is not owned, and the walker enjoys comparative freedom. But, possibly the day will come when it will be partitioned off into so-called pleasure-grounds, in which a few will take a narrow and exclusive pleasure only -- when fences shall be multiplied, and man-traps and other engines invented to confine men to the public road, and walking over the surface of God's earth shall be construed to mean trespassing on some gentleman's grounds. To enjoy a thing exclusively is commonly to exclude yourself from the true enjoyment of it. Let us improve our opportunties, the, before the evil days come.

Live free, child of the mist -- and with respect to knowledge we are all children of the mist. The man who takes the liberty to live is superior to all the laws, by virtue of his relation to the lawmaker. "That is active duty," says the Vishnu Purana, "which is not for our bondage; that is knowledge which is for liberation: all other duty is good only unto weariness; all other knowledge is only the cleverness of an artist."

It is remarkable how few events or crises there are in our histories, how little exercised we have been in our minds, how few experiences we have had. I would fain be assured that I am growing apace and rankly, though my very growth disturb this dull equanimity -- though it be with struggle through long, dark, muggy nights or seasons of gloom. It would be well if all our lives were a divine tragedy even, instead of this trival comedy or farce.

Henry David Thoreau ~ Walking

Thoreau: Little did he know how his words might someday ring true by merely using his mind; his common sense; his strong desire to see past the lies. He just had a tough time rising above those lies that were growing amid the towns he left for the wilderness -- to think about it. In reality, he was troubled by what he seen, and more so by what would be. Maybe he was soul-searching for a way to live amongst all of "that," which was to be in three-fold times infinity.


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