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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Slideshow: New Orleans floods

Thanks to's online aerial photos slide show taken in New Orleans, anyone can now see up-close how devastasting Hurricane Katrina has been.

Click here to view the photos.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Best Writings about Today's Events

The Crisis Papers web site, holds a ton of articluated and very accurate articles by Bernard Weiner, Ph.D. in govenment & international relations; has taught at various universities, worked as a writer/editor with the San Francisco Chronicle and now co-edits the Crisis Papers. It's some of the best writings out here with regards to the destructive mess our country has spiraled downwards into over the last 5 years since the neo-con's took over our country.

Read "Twenty Things We Now Know Four Years After 9/11." Plainly stated, it's everything in a nutshell, and some. You'll want to print them out to how your family, friends and neighbors.

Archives of the Crisis Papers articles written for the Democratic Underground can be found here.

Land of the Free? Think Again!

Do you know what the National ID, the Patriot Act and all Intel bureaus are really up to? Do you know their spying on regular Americans? Even if you're standing on a corner with a protest sign, you're now considered a possible "Terrorist." How about if you love animals and protest the harm of animals? Is your church active? Are you a biker?

If you answered "yes, you might be considered a Terrorist.

The ACLU fought for some folks in Denver, Colorado and found a lot about what the FBI is really doing and it includes those from Intel.

So, the Patriot Act, and the National ID Act, created after 9/11 were to spy on who? The American people? Not foreign Terrorists? Did you know they're spying on Republican and Democrat voters, and religious groups, too? Yup. And this isn't funny. It's as if our government is afraid of us. I just can't phanton this. What happened to our Civil liberties? Or how about our "Home of the free and brave?" "Let freedom Ring?" Our poor liberty bell... ole' Franklin has gotta be rolling over in his grave up in Philly. No joke intended there.

I'm sorry, but it was Muslim Extremists that caused 9/11, right? This is crazy and takes away our freedoms. They read our emails and listen to us on the phone. They can even do a "sneak and peak" in your home while you're not there and they don't leave calling cards. If you protest peacefully, you might get a knock on the door. Think I'm kidding. Click the links above and learn about the plan for the World demoniation (a.k.a. World Globalization) called PNAC. It's not the same since 9/11. I mean, shouldn't the government be spending these billions of dollars to monitorwho committed 9/11? How about all the corruption up in DC? Hell, there is plenty of corporate corruption to keep them busy long after we're all gone. So, why us? And our Mexican aligned borders are wide-open and no one gives a damn in our government. Can someone explain this to me?

Sad. What happened to my country? When did we become the enemy? All in 5 years. What happened to less government? Why do I see an extreme amount of military-like police in my area? We hear clicks on our phones all the time. You can't apply for Energy Assistance with your local utility company without agencies requesting obscene amount of information. If you're Disabled, they want all your personal information like never before (checking, etc.) and it just get's worse. It's so overwhelming and terrorizing I question who the terrorists really are here. No wonder a local Community College is spitting out kids in groves in strange military uniforms and they're not friendly with anyone out of their circles. Try smiling at one and don't get in their way when they're jogging around in gangloads. They'll run little old ladies over and not stop to give a damn. What are they being trained for? We have enough cops, yet crime is still running rampid.

So, why average, normal, American citizens of all ages? Dissent... hmm. Remember the Boston Tea Party? How about the War of Independence and the Revolutionary War. These all helped form who we are. Our Bill of Rights and the Constitution has been shredded. If this doesn't stop soon we won't recognize American at all.

Next time you're thinking that the ACLU is some bad lefty organization, think again. They're about all any of us have left who's fighting for all of our civil liberties.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Bush & New Dominionist Church/State

If you do nothing else, click on the bottom link and read the rest of the following article:

"Freedom is under siege. There is only one free major political party still left in America. I know the Democrats look chaotic, unfocused and generally unsmooth and thank God, unprogramed. Make no mistake, these plain ordinary citizens are holding the candles that together form the great torch of liberty. For all their faults, they love America and they love freedom and they love the Bill of Rights. America’s independents, its true Conservatives, its sensible Republicans, and its Libertarians must join hands together with the homely Democrats and take back America for all Americans."

">The Despoiling of America
How George W. Bush became the head of the new American Dominionist Church/State
By Katherine Yurica With Editorial and Research Assistant Laurie Hall

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Back in Crawford

Cindy Sheehan is back in Crawford, Texas -- I wish her well with a busload of detractors on their way from California. Must be nice to afford such a long trip just to spew hateful detractions at such a loving, peaceful mom grieving over her son whom died for a UN-NOBLE cause. Sure, she met with Bush, but that was "after" she and the rest of us knew this war was all-based-on-lies. Many of us around America sincerely want to stand with Ms. Sheehan to support her as she shares in our views, but we can't afford to get there with rising gas prices now at $10.00 a barrel.

CBS is carrying a story here, but thanks to the Rove machine (the worse administration ever!) if you're not for the war or a neo-con, you're a "liberal." If that be the case, why are Recuitment numbers at a all time low and have been for quite sometime now? I don't see Republicans sending their kids off to Iraq... but they'll be the first to run their mouths for the war and against Poor Cindy Sheehan.

Here's betting many of our "real" troops support Cindy. My guess: Many of us disagree with out moms and dads, but if someone else does, well, that's another story. How dare anyone condemn Cindy and any parent that lost a child in a war. You're the worse kind of Amerian one can stomach thinking of. And to think, Bush thinks a mother on a vigil for Peace is "all wrong." And, he says leaving Iraq would weaken America. Sarcasim off--our country is weaker then it's ever been since Bush took our country closer to the gates of hell!

Well, Cindy has some words to say. Good for you, Ms. Sheehan. If I could be there with you I would! Here you can read about Cindy. She's a real normal American. One can even post notes to Cindy but wow -- some of the statements be left there are a total disgrace! People should be ashamed of themselves. But, that's ok. They're showing their true colors. Welcome to this horrible mess known as America under the Neo-Con's! Wake up America, for God's sake! You have many friends and supporters from around the world. Don't you worry.

So, all you war-mongrels -- here's a message for you. When the dust settles after the 2006 stolen-elections to come, here's betting they'll be a draft. And I'll bettcha the upper middle-class, the rich investors of this war, detractors of Cindy's and Peace Lovers and Protestors and more then half of your fellow Americans (Democrats, Green, Independents, etc), politicans, people with money won't be sending their kids over to Iraq anytime soon, nor people for a war based on filthy lies. Hell No! One can see why you're all called "Chickenhawks," in deed. Don't believe me -- click here.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Camp Casey Updates

See video (w/audio) clips from's page for the "Camp Casey" updates down in Crawford. See how the Secret Service refuses a small letter to delivery to Mr. Bush.

And they say those War Vets, many from Iraq itself are unpatriotic where in fact it's all hogwash. You know it, most of us know it. Click here and see if you know it, too.

God... please, please bless America. We need ya bad.

Like-Minded People

For so long, one would assume they are alone in their neck-of-the-woods with their thoughts and beliefs. Then, by mere passing chance, maybe luck, whatever, like-minded people do eventually meet-up sooner or later. Much appreciation goes out to that like minded person.

No One Cares?

Bull. The majority cares, except them.

Funeral For A Friend

It's reportedly over, yet it will never be over for the widow; the second-side of the lost soul known as the mate... who killed the other side of this soul will not be left to the wayside. Rather, where one leaves off, another will continue.

It's not over, not by a long-shot. Some one will figure it out before the salt turns more sour.

Nuff for now. Time to get with the real program.


Tuesday, August 16, 2005

TreasonGate: The Rabbit Hole Is Deep In Deed

Learn about TraitorGate from Citizenspook. You'll know this person is "real," as you read what he/she has to say... and it's a lot, it's very important, and vital to everything America should stand for.

Peace be with "Citizenspook." You are a brave, and kindred soul.

You Bet Jesus Would Love A Liberal

Banged into the most fantastic site! It's call, Would Jesus love a liberal? You bet! and its literally blown me away. If anyone has felt the anguish under these most troubling, radical times, just go here and feel better.

There are tons of links and files for everyone; you will not feel or be excluded. To give one an idea of what this site has to offer, (too many to list here), below are just a few of the catagories:

General Religious Resources, Progressive Christian and Politics from a Christian Perspective. There are areas like Pluralism and Tolerance, Recovering Christianity from the Right, Spiritual Belief Quizzes, Messages Boards for every imaginable subject and plenty of various Denominational website links. There is the More Progressive Religions, Biblical Liberalism, and links to Religous Texts Online, Studies of Jesus, Separation of Church and State, Poverty and Peace, Bibles and Reading, Polics and Justice Periodicals and even an area for Book finds.

Wow... there are even Gender Studies and Philosphy/Psychology site links, too. The nice part about this site is that everyone will feel welcomed and there is even a section for Atheists for Christ! So Click here and read some good scriptures on and off site.

Enjoy and Peace be With you in your internet travels.

Crawford "Camp Casey" Updates

Cindy Sheehan now has a blogspot web site! Check frequently for the Crawford Updates here. You'll learn a supporter from Florida sent over "30 dozen long-stem roses" for over 1850 (plus) deceased heros, our soliders markers this morning.

Last night a "so-called Christian guy" mowed the crosses down of our fallin' heros of the Iraq War down with his truck. But this morning, several Iraq Veterans (our troops) helped place them back piece by piece.

God and Jesus certainly would not approve of this. And in their name, at that.
  • Thou shall not use the Lord's name in vain.
  • Thou shall love and honor thy neighbors and enemies... remember.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Billy Jack Is Back! Yes!!

Billy Jack, Delores Taylor, Tom Laughlin - their Official Website. is set on a mission and they are back with "no party affilitation," and huge support from all poltical parties sick of the corruption from our entire govt.' He is urging our country to start a 3rd party to get the corruption out of our country once and for all.

View his (PDF) Full Page Ad here as he'll be holding a new conference this Friday! This man means business! I remember his movies and mission call back in the early 70's. He was "everyone's" hero. I have plenty of friends sadly long passed on that would be rallying behind him now. Everyone will relate to Billy Jack, Delores Taylor and Tom Laughlin because like the rest of us, they've had enough, too and want "sanity" and "morals" brought back to this country.

Read still more here. His movies are here and on Amazon. You think I'm kidding. This is one of "the" most important people that brought our country back from the brink of insanity during the Viet Nam War and he's back - thank God! It's based on a TRUE STORY.

Another snip from Bill Alward's website and cuts past the propaganda smear campaign suddenly on the internet about "Billy Jack." How anyone could smear him is beyond me except those afraid of the power this man has. His movie ranked the 2nd highest ever, from Wikipedia Encyclopedia.

From Bill Alward's Movie Review Site:

"Go ahead and hate your neighbor, go ahead and cheat a friend.
Do it in the name of Heaven, you can justify it in the end.
There won't be any trumpets blowing come the judgment day,
On the bloody morning after...One tin soldier rides away." -- "One Tin Soldier" by Coven

If you were too young to remember who 'Billy Jack' was, well head here. I urge everyone to head for his website, his exit plan that helps the Iraqi's, us and ends corruption bring sanity back to our country -- and how Republicans, Independents and Democrat voteres alike agree with.

From Billy Jack's website:

"This plan is a win/win situation for the Iraqi people, and especially for every American -- Republican, Democrat or Independent. Over 87% of 174 voters strongly approved this plan, including 61% who were Republican or initially favored the war," said Laughlin.

Not affiliated with either political party, Taylor and Laughlin are inviting the public to join them in a crusade to end the war and diffuse the escalating nuclear crisis.

Outraged at the daily deaths of American soldiers as well as innocent Iraqi civilians, and in support of Cindy Sheehan's courageous stand, they have created a never-before-seen comprehensive seven-month campaign with five separate major national events. The goal is to make America and the world fully aware that there exists an immediately available exit plan to end the war, give genuine peace, freedom and democracy to the Iraqi people, and bring our troops home by Christmas."

And another good review here.

Read about the 3 Fanatical Groups destroying our country and our troops. Read how 92 percent of everyone that's seen his exit plan are behind him, and much more.

If you never heard of the famous Billy Jack movies, I urge you to check them out of at a local library and watch them. You'll get it and feel it. I remember -- they were rivioting.

Ben Cohen, of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

The TrueMajorityACTION website "was founded by Ben Cohen, Co-founder of Ben and Jerry's" ice cream. This is a grassroots education and advocacy project and it's really easy and simple.

First, checkout his little web-based movie. Just click here and it should begin for you "within" your browser. Then, had back over to the "TrueMajorityAction web site" and join-in. If Ben of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream is doing this stuff, we need not be afraid. And while you're there, read their principles that seems to be the same things Republican voters want and don't want either.

Americans: Afraid? Naw. No way. We're the home of the free, the land of the brave and all that goods stuff, just like ice cream. Coincidentally, Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream is my favorite and I can never decide which flavor I want to try next!

The Rant: Kudos Doug!

The Rant is an online commentary from the "founder of & publisher of Capitol Hill Blue." This particular rant is written by Doug Thompson, Aug. 15, 2005. I'm a Thompson fan so I'm giving him a well-deserved plug here.

This particular article is a real eye-opener and worthy of a read. It's entitled, Capitol Hill Blue: Is Bush Out of Control? Below is a snippit from Thompson's article.

"Decreasing job approval ratings and increased criticism within his own party drives the President’s paranoia even higher. Bush, in a meeting with senior advisors, called Senator Majority Leader Bill Frist a
“god-damned traitor” for opposing him on stem-cell research."

Read more here.

The Republican Dictionary

Another excellent find here, folks. Checkout the The Republican Dictionary. Yes, that's right. Now, you too can learn all about the GOP right here, and here. More articles can be read here, too.

Here you can see photos defining who is a Diplomat, who really is the enemy of democracy, pro-life, and, well.. you'll see. It's moving to say the very least.

I rate this site a 5 Star and give it an A Plus! Good, no, "fantastic" job!

Since I Can't Stand Hannity

I found this "kewl" site. It's called "Kids Against Combs," and if you dis Hannity & the dissing of Faux News (what a joke) you're gonna really like what this youthful band did.

Check it out and enjoy. Kudos to the Democratoc Underground. Luv that site--best place to find the links to all the "real news," these days.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

2008: Clinton Edwards Ticket Sounds Good

I was all for Senator Kerry and still admire him so. Matter-of-fact, I'd like to live in his state but till recently couldn't afford to. Having read a report recently under the money section from CNN it appears Massachussetts home buying market will be hitting a decline by almost 55 percent. While I feel great sympathy for those in the area, it gives others some hope that someday they too might enjoy those Boston lights at a much more home-buying affordablity.

Till then, one can only hope our country makes it to the year 2008 under this war-mongrel administration. What we need is a President & Vice President that will united us, and show a strong force for peace, and justice for all. Two people that represent both southern and east/west coast folks, as much as notherners, too. And the only two people that pops-up everything are that of Clinton and Edwards.

A Hillary Clinton & John Edwards ticket is just that -- the winning ticket for our country. One is from New York, the other from the south. They can re-united our now divided states again. At least, one can hope.

Let me know what you think?

Legal Ethics & Professional Codes

The Maryland Legal Ethics online information database has data about the professional codes lawyers must abide by. BizJournal online has an article about the "unusual high" disbarring of Md lawyers. The list of information on the internet goes on and on with regards to ethics and the codes all lawyers must abide by under professional codes. Here it talks about Malpractice cases and they're on the up-rising. And this is a very interesting article which explains in user-friendly format how a law firm representing a big corporation, per se, would be paid by (i.e.) the insurance company.

This article explains that it's a lawyer must "preserve the client's right to accept or reject a settlement offer." If you call any lawyer coldly, they'll tell you hands-down every time that no lawyer, at least in the state of Maryland can tell, nor order their client to accept or decline an offer any more then they can keep a client from their "day in court." Justice is not blind, yet that I know of. To be treated in any other matter is not only unethical, it could get a lawyer disbarred. And this article defines client-lawyer relationships in greater depth. Here, it explains how insurance companies hope the client is shuttled away quickly, without ever realizing how much their case was really worth.

Distractions, fear-tactics, and the demeaning of a client during the worse time in their lives is when a client needs a representative that has their best interests at heart -- it's not always about economics, especially when the client will never have the economic value ($), nor legal connections and know-how as the lawyer. When lawyers cross some sort of "play by play -- it's just a game -- win or lose" line, and forget they're dealing with human beings lives and sometimes worst yet, a death, this might explain why so many do not like our legal system.

In the end, it is the insurance companies (corporate insurer), and the lawyers that wins while the victim is left more demoralized, demeaned and left victimized by a state they might have been born in, trusted and now feels left to the wayside in the name of a buddy-system that could get out of control (drunk with power and connections, maybe?). No wonder many people have lost respect for lawyers and justice they sincerely seek from the court systems. The citizens are left to hear those Whisper Campaigns that have been going on for eons -- psst.psst. have you heard... "Your insurance rates are up because of frivilous law suits," when the truth is "Insurance" companies have had record banner profitable years -- worth hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars. You're rates go up and so do their investors lifestyles.

The only people that seem to have any trust in lawyers are criminals. And those so-called "frivilous lawsuits," that result in wrongful deaths, destroying families forever all over nuts and bolts, per se (pennies on our small dollars) which had they been replaced lives could have been saved. Rather, once a client thinks they're being led into their "day in court" justice suddenly becomes blind to the lawyers dealings, and the very courts that are suppose to be there when you need them.

Then again, a "Legal Ethics & Professional Codes" book might remind some otherwise.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Are You A Liberal Or A Conservative?

GREAT to be Liberal -1, Read more and then read the humorous side of being a Republican. You'll be able to contrast the two and figure out who you "really" are. Good luck. Hope you come out the better person for it.

9/11: 19 Hijackers are Sauds & We Need their Oil?

Read more at The Progressive Magazine about the strange friendships of the Bush and Sauds. As Oil prices reached almost $68.00 a barrel yesterday (haven't checked yet today--can't afford to drive down the road to look), I ask... why are the Saudis charging us so much, after all we've done for them? Were not most of the 9/11 attackers all Saudi'? Why were the Sauds and Bin Laden families allowed to leave within 24-48 hours after the 9/11 attacks? I don't undertand this to this day, not one bit. I feel certain a lot of Detectives would agree, they should never have been allowed to leave the country without a lot of questions and investigations. Am I the only one that understand this? And how about Norad? Where was our air defense system? I thought we had the best in the world. These are questions left un-answered in my viewpoint. But who am I? Just an average citizen - but with earnest, and sincere questions I'd like answered. Why did we u-turn from Afghanastan and head straight for Iraq, when too many to count experts "in the know" adamently swore Hussein was not a threat to us and had no ties to Bin Laden.

And my final question, amid so many is: Why have we not caught Bin Laden? Where is he? We found Hussein in a hole, but we can't get Bin Laden?

Read below, my sediments exactly.

"So here we are, four years after September 11, an attack carried out by 19 hijackers, 15 of them Saudi, an attack masterminded by the prodigal son of a wealthy Saudi family, an attack justified by the madrassas financed by the Saudis, and the United States is still on bended knee before the Saudi throne.

All because of our addiction to oil, and because of our government’s policies that serve ExxonMobil and GM, and because of Bush’s hostility to conservation, to clean energy, and to anything that might take the United States seriously down the responsible path of energy independence and environmental sanity."

By Matthew Rothschild, Aug. 9, 2005

Mainstream Media: When News Isn't News

The Progressive Magazine's writer Molly Ivins writes an article in this months online journal entitled, When News Isn't News and it's an easy-read detailing plainly what many of us already know (thank you Molly!).

She writes about when she first read about the Downing Street Memos (here, too), and what she seen read regarding the lead-up to the War in Iraq from various newspapers, and some of the really horrible statements made by certain columnist (Tom Friedman, New York Times). Friedman wrote "liberals" do not want to talk about the war (that's what were always talking about, as we care about our troops!). He even went so far as to say "liberals" hope it ends in disaster. This is un-real! I'm saddened by this and thank Molly ivins for writing this piece.

Read more of Ivins article here. Shew... this just leaves me speechless.

I Didn't Know - Did You?

:: Did You Know :: are links to some intriging stories you won't find on your Television dials anytime soon, until now. The "Sundance Channel" online has been airing some very interesting stoires like today's "Catonsville, Maryland 9," a group of Catholic Pasters, Nuns and others adamently against the Viet Nam war. It was a remarkable story and hope it's aired again.

Thank you Sundance!

On their website you'll find various articles from around the country, all about our current events - these articles are a must read. You'll learn what is not revealed to us intentionally and how our gov't keeps secrets from the public. One can read how stations like CNN are monitored by our gov't on what is acceptable and what is not.

For instance, on August 21, 2005, next Saturday at 9:30 PM (EST) the Sundance Channel will air "Embedded Live," a play with Tim Robbins, who leads a cast of characters who'll depict our War in Iraq and our Gov't under the Neo-Cons. Tim Robbins is offering free downloads to boot.

I miss Robbins and those brave American Hollywood/New Yorker's whom use to get air-time to speakout for injustices folks like me. They've taken the smear-tactics from the "faux" liberal news media (not liberal - not liberal - the media is far from liberal so stop thinking it, their bias as hell)! but somehow come-out shining in the end because most known their trying to help us, placing themselves directly in the lines of smear-fires. Like Sean Penn, who risked his "life" visiting Iraq before and during the invasion. He filmed children in hospitals when no one else would. More recent, he risked his life again and headed for Iran where he was shot at, and his film taken from him. I think he might have gotten some of it back. But I wouldn't know.

All I see are the same white missing females over and over again, for months and even years (Peterson case) for instance, rather then the real news. And I'm so sick of it! So are others!

Here you can read a "Text of Statement by Sean Penn at News Conference in Baghdad," on Sunday, Decemeber 15, 2002 and here where one learns Penn is a father, and prides himself in being an American with the right to speak-out against a war he does not agree with. This story is from the NY Times, and when Sean Penn went back to Iraq "again." LOOK HERE and HERE for the photos of Penn in Baghdad... amazing, truly heroic. This is what being an American is all about. Not propaganda bull from our media, the biggest profiteers during war. In June of this year Penn had his camera confiscated. And check here where he visits the Iran elections, a cinema museum all while feeling threathened. How can anyone say anything bad of such a brave American when they armchair their hatred, their spite -- I don't see any Chickenhawks doing this, nor many of our leaders. At least Kerry served overseas and didn't hide his records.

It seems under Bush hatred has been released from people; as if they've been given a "free ticket" to slander their fellow Americans, more then half of us, you know. It's a disgrace. People "should" hang their heads in shame... Shame on my fellow Americans that smite with hatred those like Cindy Sheehan, who's son Casey died in Iraq before she and he realized the war was based on all lies. I'll continue to pray nightly and lately daily for those that are filled with this type of hate that they think a March, and a Concert where they will party-on is some sort of rally-cry for a war our soldiers are dying when they face the closing of VA hospitals, and bases -- wait til they come home and see that the GOP Neo-Con's politics were more important then they're safety, food, health care and needs.

Thou shall not kill... thou shall not lie.... thou shall not covet thy neighbors "things," and "forgive thine enemies."

Read of other's sacrifices labeled the "Hollywood elite," and how much they've done for Americans. So elite, they can't get airtime on any national (faux liberal) news network like Kim Bassinger, David Duchovyn, Mia Farrow, David Matthews, Michael Stipe, and even Martin Sheen and many others. We should be thankful they're doing all they can for our troops and America and the world -- blessed are the peacekeepers, blessed are those that mourn.

If (like it would ever happen) one of the Penns, Moores, Susan's or Robbins happens upon my tiny little meaningless blog, please note that this American is sincerely thankful, humbled and misses your presence on Television. I miss the stands you took, always for the underdogs when you didn't have to. There are many underdogs now in America, self included falling deeper in debt because we're being bombarded with cut-loose credits, worse then vulchers. Do they care if you're disabled? No. Do they care if you're a widow? No. Do they care if you've suffered huge injustices and now tell you ya can't sue from errors made by a multi-billion dollar corporation still making big money still during wartime yet they have filed Bankruptcy and carried on, but we can not now. Do they care about one's late soulmate, gone forever over pennies on their investors dollars? No. Do they treat you with any compassion. Hell no. They're arrogant and uncompassionate - they're neo-cons for certain though they try to mascarade as anything but.

But I still care. I won't let them take that from me. I want to hear the opinions of Stars, Professors, Writers, 9/11 Victims, Soldiers that don't agree with what's going on, and the Cindy Sheehan's. And you know why they have the right to do so -- because they are Americans too, and risk their careers, spend their own money (big-time) for you and I and the world, all in the name of peace, and human fairness for everyone here and on this planet. Do they have to? No way.

Well, this American is proud of them as much as I'm thankful for the entire radio teams on AirAmerican radio. I don't know where I'd be without them. Probably a member of the unknowing, unwillingly... As a "Liberal like Christ," I take great homage in knowing their out there, those stars, utilizing their powers to try to save the world, while others demean them. Their bravery has taught me a lot. Wish I could do more. If I had the money they had, I would be at all costs. Thank you Sean, Tim, Susan, Robert and all the rest -- thank you so much.

The truth is, many Americans are "afraid" to speakout, as I am doing right here, and right now. Imagine, being "afraid" to speak freely in America. It's just so un-imaginable.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Project for the New American Century (PNAC)

Project for the New American Century (PNAC). Read All about them:

Read about the goals of the neo-cons,their methods and the aftermath, and their plan for global domination.

1) Increase an already enormous military budget at the expense of domestic social programs
2) Toppling of regimes resistant to our corporate interests
3) Forcing democracy at the barrel of a gun in regions that have no history of the democratic process
4) Replacing the UN’s role of preserving and extending international order

This might be why our country is in the mess it's in. It hurts, it's scary, it's troubling, but when one reaches that moment of truth, it's gonna hurt but you'll know why things are different, strange, eerie. You'll find that you can not sleep at nights. You'll begin to question things you recall as a kid, in your teens, even you're 20's. It will keep you puzzled for sometime. Maybe while driving down the road it will just pop in your mind. It is during these times you'll have self-doubt. These things are actually good in the long-run. Fore then you'll realize you're on your way back to reality; that things really are all wrong and you're not alone with your feelings anymore... though you'll feel you are.

A long time I ago I learned that my viewpoints, my opinions, the way my first-thoughts would instinctly think "oh... yeah, this makes sense," sometimes without giving it a second thought had radar-ed in on certain "things," that shouted-out from within saying "this is wrong," "this can not be." And I would soon learn there was a pretty good shot most were thinking and feeling exactly like me.

Read about the PNAC. They've been 'round for a long time. Most of us just didn't know. Thanks to the Internet, we have a chance to "know" now. PNAC can be found here.

One Day at Camp Casey (for Cindy Sheehan)

Watch through the eyes of one Texas native filmmaker's camera lens eye as he documents a Day at "Camp Casey." He was looking for "Who was there," Why they were there," and What they were there for." It might surprise you why so many are supporting Cindy Sheehan.

Kudo's to this Texas Native for giving a damn and excellent amateur footage!

One Day at Camp Casey (for Cindy Sheehan)

Meet Cindy & Casey Sheehan


Meet Cindy Sheehan

In honor of Cindy's son, fallin' Iraq War Vet Army Specialist Casey A. Sheehan

Gold Star Families for Peaces' message to American and the World:

And give her the support, and respect. Our troops are human-beings. Regardless of whether they're for their Commander or they are tired of being caught-up in back-door drafts in Iraq, and regardless of whether a soldier agrees or disagrees with they're mom or dad (do any of us at any age, NO!), don't you think our troops mom's and dad's deserve respect?

O'Reilly is Controlled By Far Right Elements

Over at News Hounds who (thank God) "watches the Fox News so we don't have to" has a great retort article. Read it here: News Hounds: O'Reilly : Cindy Sheehan Controlled By Far Left Elements:

"Using his all knowing and tolerant tone, O'Reilly claimed that he supports Cindy Sheehan's right to express dissent. Then he bashed Maureen Dowd for glorifying Sheehan in her column today. The Baltimore Sun also got a knock for praising Sheehan, prompting Bill to dismiss it as an anti Bush paper." Read the rest here.

And head over to's William River Pitts up-to-the-minute news with video clips also at Camp Casey, Crawford, Texas.

Fox News: O'Reilly has systematically helped to divide this country like never before. You're ratings are in the tank and as long as you allow this to continue, I, my friends, family and many neighbors, along with many out here in the blogosphere (we make up millions in this nation) will never watch your station again -- ever! Get rid of this crap, the Madness needs to stop now. How do you sleep at nights, O'Reilly and Fox (FAUX) News? Huh!

Rox Populi - An Excellent Blog Find

Head over to Rox Populi, where you too can write you're own caption to... well, head over to this fantastic gem. Where have you been Rox Populi? Just glad I found you -- kudo's! Great site!

Green Day is NOT Anti-American

Green Day movie music clip. See this if you see nothing else. Just click here and view it in any format imagineable, for free.


Source: The wonderful folks at ATRIOS BLOGSPOT & CROOKS & LIARS!

We are not Anti-American. We are "against" a War Based on Lies -- A war on profits and not for our real troops, rather the money machines running this country.

Live Updates: Casey Sheehan Camp, Crawford, TX

Live Updates from "Camp Casey," where Cindy Sheehan and all of her world-wide supporters await for "W" to speak with Cindy.

  • Cindy Watch: Live from Crawford, Texas and today's latest, Friday, August 12, 2005.
  • Democracy Now's link page covering Cindy Sheehan's Peace Mission and here

Blogging for Cindy Sheehan & All of those for Peace.

Blessed are the peacemakers, fore they shall find peace.
Blessed are those that mourn, fore they shall be mourned.

Peace to Cindy Sheehan and Others

Some wonderful articles from Sojourn Magazine Online:

The astronauts' point of view.

"Sometimes you can see how there is erosion, and you can see how there is deforestation. It's very widespread in some parts of the world. We would like to see, from the astronauts' point of view, people take good care of the Earth and replace the resources that have been used."

"Commander Eileen Collins," from the space shuttle Discovery

Source: Reuters


Sam's challenge?

Born with cerebral palsy, Sam has received services from Easter Seals for 19 years. Now a college student, he wants to give back to the organization that gave him so much.

Watch his short film and donate online to help him reach his goal of $50,000!


Go With Peace, By Kelly Guinan:

Prevents violence
Encourages compassion
Advances responsibility
Cultivates integrity
Empowers wholeness

A wonderful new book! 172 pages of hands-on lessons that teach peacemaking skills. Essential for anyone longing for peace, justice, hope, and a new way of being.

Proceeds support a peace education, nonprofit organization, Celebrating Peace.

Peace to Cindy Sheehan & her mission, the Military Families supporting her, and all her friends, like Liberal Chrystie. Photos and stories of her supporters can be seen here, and here. And there are many, many more like the Lone Star Iconoclast Online & Subscription Newspaper -- one heroic, and true journalistic newspaper who's not afraid to speak, and tell the real stories from deep in the heart of Texas.

Peace Takes Courage...

Thursday, August 11, 2005

How to Support Our Troop & Send Care Pkgs.

Yes. I support out troop. In fairness, I do not support those that are paid tons of money to protect Halliburton and the likes. But, I do support our men and women in Iraq and around the world doing their job with great honor and dignity. You see, just because I am a Democrat (now a dirty word, known as "liberal" according to political neo-con Republican name-game calling), all played-out while our guys and gals are dying, coming home harmed and sick, and others still committed to their tour of duty -- and I also support those who dissent. I do. But, I also firmly believe this war based on lies, not for the original reason: 9/11 and Finding Bin Laden.

So, to help them, I thought maybe, maybe if I place some links here it would make it easier for everyone from their homes to find out just how easy it is to send them food, and other goodies we certainly enjoy. So, without further ado the links to some of our troops online. Many of us are confined to our homes, for various reasons and to me it's more then just placing a "Support the Troops" on the back of my car, which I do not. I believe that if that's the most "literal" way one believes they support our troops needs to do more soul-searching.

We can email them and their families. We can send them care-packages & letters, pillows, whatever but we can also protest here at home to bring them home where they can protect our Super-Power country right here along our borders. Imagine how happy their families and fellow Americans will feel knowing our guards are home protecting all of us. But that's my viewpoint. Maybe they like being over there, but I don't think so... everyone wants to come home.

You see, I think we should let those making big money protecting big corporations in Iraq rebuild Iraq -- that's what they're their for, right. Well, they can also re-train Iraqi's on how to protect their homeland, and our regular troops and guards can be released from those back-door drafts I've seen debated on C-SPAN where every Democrat debates for our men and women, but never a Republican. My suggestion to our troops near a computer is to head for C-SPAN and check-out their video clips. I think they save them for later viewing.

I don't want to "bring 'um on." I just want to "bring them home." Then our borders would be safer, and our country from further attacks. But, that's just my viewpoint.

Operation Truth: Here you'll find their stories about Halliburton's special forces and how our troops feel about them; links, their stories and much more.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

William Rivers Pitts is in Crawford, TX's "William River Pitts" hit the friendly skies and headed for Crawford, Texas to cover the story and lend much needed support to Cindy Sheehan, the mother of our fallin' hero, Iraq War (deceased) vet, Casey.

Keep up with his live blogs from Crawford, TX at this link: One Mother's Stand: "It sounds a lot better in Russian. I look forward to sharing the whole poem and translation with you after I arrive at Camp Casey outside of Crawford on Saturday."

Read more and check here for William River Pitt's news updates.

Neo-Con's Can't be Christians!

From ben93's Live Journal, The Voice From The Whirlwind: "How can a Neo-con be a Christian?" is an excellent read for anyone thats "trying" to comprehend why Christians, such as Liberal Chrystie (self) are adamently against these Neo-con's and how they have "the nerve" to continue to call themselves "Christians," fore they are far from it.

Ben begins... "As I understand the teachings of Jesus Christ, it does not seem to me as though a Neo-con could conceivably be a real Christian." Read more here...

I don't know what pains me more, fake, false Christians, a.k.a. "Neo-Conservatives, Ultra-Conservatives," whom hide behind the Republican Party, and how they abusive voters for just that - their votes. They've systematically turned our country into the "Culture of Corruption," and "Brother-Against-Brother" mentality like no one I know has ever seen in their lives... and they use some of the most disenfranchised and "buy able" of them all -- the Evangelical's. Oh yeah. They used them alright. I know enough of them to know this as a fact. You see, Evangelical's for the most part are looking for answers to life's problems, generally on a personal level, not on a national level. I'm guessing, but if I put together what I already know first-hand it leaves me to surmise that the GOP "might" have studied these non-voting religious groups; found they were vulnerable, troubled as some are for a multitude of reasons I won't get into right now and radared-in on what bugged them, namely "Gays," and "Morals/Values."

When even their votes were not looking like it was "enough," these GOP Neo-Con's bought, promised, and used every dirty tactic they could to "get those votes" in favor of their man and other Republicans. Now this is just my theory, but I've studied what many have shown out here and in various prints and it's pretty obvious that when the only "3" voting companies controlling our countries votes are all "Republican" supporters, well, you figure it out. So they used the disenfranchised in this country, the Evanglicals, and even kept may Americans, like Africian Americans from voting, confusing them with too many tactics to name here and they've got the entire country in their hands -- you and my life are under total control of the most narrow-minded, neo-conservatives most would never vote for. They're too radical.

Check the polls. Nothing makes sense. Systematically, whether it be by phone, on the internet, whatever, the majority "always" votes against Bush, his administration and the War in Iraq. What does that tell us? It means either the majority of voters really were cheated of their true votes for Gore in 2000 (the Supreme Court gave the Presidency to Bush -- Gore had the majority of votes from Americans), later Kerry in 2004 "or" we have Republican voters fed-up with the Neo-Con's, as well.

People. My Fellow Americans. Wake-up, now. Please.

Ben Shaprio How Dare You!

Make Me a Commentator!!! has got to be the best political commentator blog out here. You've got to read his article, "We've Got the Whole World In Our Hands." It's truly devine writing and worthy of printing out to share with others. And, read the latest vile, disgusting remarks "Ben Shapiro's" is saying now.

The Gist: Shapiro is calling on the US to invade Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt and Pakistan. Great! Did he leave any non-threatening country out? This guy is wacko - nuts and is certain to get us into a nuclear holocast -- is that what the Neo-Cons want? I know I don't! What happened to "Diplomacy?" You know, talking, making deals -- for the good of our country, and you know, the whole world. I hear people say "We're a super-power." Blab, blab, blab...

Well, here's what I have to say to you if you think as such: "It is because we are a SUPER POWER that maks us THAT MUCH MORE "responsible," and "accountable" for our treatment of other human begins we share this planet with. God, I miss Clinton and hope to God we make it to the year 2008 because with the grace of God (we're going to need God's grace with these sick Neo-Cons running, no - ruining everything) I WILL be voting for Hillary Clinton if only to get her husband Bill back in office. So listen up fellow Democrats. I know many of us do not like Hillary, but wouldn't you like to have her and hubby Bill back in office? It's going to take a Rhodes Scholar (President Bill Clinton) to clean-up this mess and bring back diplomacy before these jerks get us blown to kingdom-come!

Back to Shapior: I want to say "before you get our entire country and the world into a nuclear holocast," but you see, I can't -- because Shapior's remarks might already have started that vile ball a rolling, and I'm sure most Americans are thanking you right now, as they tuck their babies, and grandchildren into bed tonight - So SHUT UP!

You certainly do not speak for this American, nor most of us! I'd bet on it.

Sir Mick Jagger's Sweet Neo Con Thumbs-Up!

Sir Mick Jagger's New Neo-Con Song

Start this ole' gal up, Sir Mick Jagger & Keith! Glad you're back. Where ya been, mate!?! We need ya more now then ever! And "thank you," Mick. As for Keith. "Hey, don't sweat it, man." You're not alone. Join the millions of "bush bashers," like the too many to count baby-boomers, the younger generation(s), and plenty of the middle-agers and elderly, as well.

Some FYI Facts About Sir Mick Jagger:

I bet a lot of people didn't know that Mick Jagger attended the "London School of Economics," before composing songs in the 1960's. He's been in at least 12 movies and has performed very well, I might add. He's extremely talented, and a damn good actor - this guy is more then part of the "best band in the world," he's an intellect, as many are probably unaware of just how smart Mick Jagger and his band really are.

Photo Courtesey of Wikimedia.

Mick is preparing for a new tour along with Keith. The Rolling Stones are armed with a new son called "Sweet Neo Con," calling George W. Bush "full of Shit!" Their new album is entitled "A Bigger Bang" The Rolling Stones New Studio Album 2005 and according to press releases, it's scheduled for July 26, 2005 and the album will be released to the public on September 5th in Europe and September 6th in Canada and the USA. More News here...

Let's see. (hahahaha...)
  • All the Latest News on Mick Jagger's New Song "Sweet Neo Con," quotes from Mick himself "about all this," the new CD release, album releases and concert tours can be pleasantly viewed right here.
  • The UK Telegraph is Covering The Rolling Stones.
  • News Hounds, CA has an article you gotta read, "Now the Fascists at Fox are fter Mick Jagger." Don't worry News Hounds, no one watchcs Faux News, "Unfair and Super Unbalanced" anymore.
  • Reuters article quote, "Stones target 'hypocrite' patriots in new song" further stating (The Rolling Stones) "are taking aim at the American right" and this fan says "I gotta get a concert ticket and fast!"
  • The BBC has a story here and here.
  • E Online's "That's Sir Mick Jagger to you."
  • Even The Druge Report's talking about it.
  • MSNBC's Newsweek Online Section has "the worlds greatest rock band" in an article about their new CD & Tour, too.
  • Entertainment News Article from Reuters in the UK quotes Mick saing "It is direct" about those "Sweet Neo Con's"... tee-hee, hahaha! Direct link here.
  • And my favorite,'s "Gossip Round-up" has a snippet to "Sweet Neo Con," with a quote from the song's lyrics. For your first viewing pleasure here it is: "You call yourself a Christian, I call you a hypocrite/You call yourself a patriot. Well, I think your are full of shit." The New York Post
And I'll add a Liberal Apology to CNN & MSNBC today: Yes, CNN's Wolf Blitzer & MSNBC gave Sir Mick Jagger "and" Cindy Sheehan & the Peace Protestors at Camp Casey air time today. Great. But what's with the blonde Ron Reagan has to deal with daily? She got really hot under the collar today when the opposing side spoke against the War in Iraq & Bush. Wow. I mean, even the guy "she" had on her side of the debate issue held his self together more then her. What's up with her? Shew.... amazing, these times.

Anyway, just run a search on Google or Yahoo, whatever. 'Cause it's all over the Blogosphere even if (dare I say) you can't catch this on "most" of CNN or MSNBC's TV land. And before any of the fascists loose their ever-loving minds, well no, I think they already have. At least MSNBC and a little of CNN is pushing for Mick Jagger and Cindy Sheenean. Keep it up, please. Maybe you'll earn our respect, again.

Ok- Whatever.

Nevertheless, before the right-wing nutbag mud-slinging begins "here me loud and clear on this one neo-con and/or Republican supporters," Keith Richards has lived in the US for a long time and pays TONS of taxes in America, just like Mick Jagger has for decades now when he tours here. The Rolling Stones has made boo-koo money for a lot of folks in the USA. Besides, this isn't anything new for the "greatest band in the world."

Quoting the UK Reuters, "In their 43-year career, the Stones have observed political developments in songs like 1968's "Street Fighting Man," but have generally avoided taking sides. Notable exceptions included the 1983 single "Undercover (of the Night)," about civil rights abuse in Latin America, and 1991's Gulf War-related track "Highwire."

We really need our music & moviestar powers now, like never before, and that includes "Sir Mick Jagger!" Because it's art, freedom of expression, freedom of speech and... Dissent: The Most Patriotic Act Any American Can and Should Do!

Those who give up essential liberties for temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. Benjamin Franklin

More Links:
The Mick Jagger Official Web Site
The Internal Movie Database

Faith, Politics, and Culture Thank God.

While I am not for "Church & State," one bit, I am a strong believe in God, and a true follower of Christ's teachings. Why do you think I'm so "liberal!" I also am an avid reader of the Gnostics and believe in peaceful teachers like Ghandi and the Dali Ali (will fix the spelling). You see, this liberal (thanks neo-con's for helping to define who I am -- and I mean that), believe if you're going to call your self a "Christian" at least feel, sense, and think it for yourself.

Read the history of how the bible was created. Learn about all the followers of Christ when he walked upon this earth. Who was John? Ah... you'll find that scholars do not know if there were more then 1 John, much less the difference between "John the Apostle" when comparing him to "John the Baptist," anymore then anyone knows why Constantine crowned himself the first pope and ordered the Bible to be written... a conquor of wars, Constantine. Go figure... no really, go and figure it out. You'll learn that Constantine annointed himself as "pope." And behold the "Church" was then created. Prior to that it was temples, and the like. Remember, John (the Apostle, or Baptist, or even a 3rd possible) was beheaded, kept on an island (he was imprisoned). When they no longer need this "John," it was off-with his head.

Go to Google or Yahoo, and run a search for "who wrote the bible," or "what does catholic mean?" Try it. Or try searching for "Constantine," but be forewarned, there are an awfully lot of propoganda out here right now, so you're best bet is to ask a history professor you trust. Think of the Lutheran Church. Do you know how it was founded? Ok. Go to Google and search for "Martin Luther." He nailed a doctrine to the Catholic Church's door at St. Peter's Square. He then headed for America. Ask a Lutheran minister about the history of Martin Luther. At that, most arm-chair genealogists should know all about the sincere reasons our ancestors fled for our soil so long ago. They were being persecuted for their different religious beliefs. Here on the soils of North America they found the freedom to believe in whatever they felt. Oh sure, some if not many "had" to "reform," but just as many did not. That's all our original ancestors wanted, a place to practice or not practice, and the right to choice their own way of life, without the fear of being persecuted. Now, think about the Neo-Con's. Why are they trying to push Evangelical Christianity into our Government. Why did Jefferson, Hamilton, Franklin and other framers and signers of our Constitution give us our freedoms? Certainly the "Mormons" wouldn't have fled here if our freedom to be different, and to live amid others who practiced "tolerance" for one another's God given right to live freely and differently knew all of this.

Why would anyone want to create so much strife in a country that was thrown into total kaos especially after 9/11? All I'm asking if for people to think logically. Things are all wrong. Don't you think?

Do you know the meaning of the word "Catholic?" How about asking yourself why "only 4" made it into the bible... you know what four, right? Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. And their books, when juxtaposed next to the Gnostics have many similiar features. If anyone is interested in the Gnostics, head over to "The Nag Hammadi Library," and another "Nag Hammadi Library" online and catch-up on some self-reading. "Metareligion" is another good reference site, too.

My definition of being a liberal is to be open-minded to all ideas and historical findings. I go with my God-given, raw, gut feelings most times in my life, and as a rule they're generally right-on target. They're have been plenty of times I've wished I'd listened to that inner-feeling, the kind my pets were born with and use by nature. We humans could learn an awfully lot from animals, like our pets. Think about it. We have this brain, and still we seem to need other's to tell us the proper way to think when it's right there in front of our noses, and we just dont' take the time to read more, and think... Hint: Turn off your television now and then. And if you can't afford the Nag Hammandi books (head for Amazon, or if you must-they are fair priced) or read them at the links above for free and "think" for yourself.

For instance, there are a lot of Democrats, and/or Liberals out here with great articles anyone can freely read. For example, over at "Sojourners for Faith, Politics and Culture", you can read some article and see that the Neo-Conservatives, and the Republican's are lying to you about Liberals and Democrats with regards to whether we're religious or not.

See, here's what makes Democrats different from Neo-Cons Republicans: Democrats welcome everyone. We are not secular and sincerely treat each other with respect and are tolerable of one another's differences. Oh sure, we yell, debate, and fuss with one another's different opinions, but isn't that what it's all about. Think 'normalcy." Neo-Con Republican thinking is not "normal!" It's radical and leaves many of your fellow Americans/Human beings "out!" This is a big world. We're over-populated. We have to learn to all live together. I don't like certain people either, but it was never over political views "prior" to George Bush entering office. Not on the levels I see these days.

Just think about that last line. Can you remember at all, in your lifetime "ever" when our country was ever this drastically divided? I can't. And Liberal Chrystie is not as young as you might think. Please people, "think." Please... before we crash any further.

Here's an example: This article is written by "Attorney Van Jones," the national executive director of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights in Oakland, California according to their website. It beings with... "Rabbi Michael Lerner is stirring up trouble again - thank God." It get's much better, too! To read more from SojoNet's article head for "Faith, Politics, and Culture: "The Religious left fights back," by Van Jones AlterNet 7-28-2005.

Again, enjoy!

Aww... Nova Scotia

If you're like me you couldn't afford to go on vacation this summer, what with gas prices climbing skywards as I write this, but you can visit places afar right from your computer here on the Internet. Try taking a tour of Nova Scotia. Visit the Cabot Trail, and discover over 100 beachs. Better yet, experince their Maritime Culture by visiting

While you're there, order a Nova Scotia travel guide for FREE! Check-out Nova Scotia life where they offer really nice downloads, maps, distance calculators - you name it. The photos are awesome!

For those of us that just can't be there, much less get there or afford to even if we could, sites like Nova are the next best thing. But boy... after you visit this site you'll be dreaming of being there, right-now!


Greenpeace Int'l: God Bless These Folks

You can't take it with you...

Home of the Greenpeace International: Their website is a must visit if you're concerned about our climate changes, pollution, saving our oceans, protecting ancient and environmentally needed forests; not in agreement with genetic engineering, concerned about the elimination of toxic chemicals in our air and waterways (much less our bodies); ending nuclear threat (that would be really nice), encouraging sustainable trade, and much more.

I love these couragous folks for all the wonderful actions they've taken-on against those that harm what God left in our hands -- "Mother Earth." She's our natural and much needed global envionment and she's taking horrible hits from the corporate-owned press and I mean for eons. It's said if you're an Environmentalist, you now falls under catagories of "tree-huggers," like "Historic Preservationists" whom have been known to do (Yes... a prior Professor, Godspeed to her) and you're now considered a terrorist. I mean, this is unbelievable. Even being a member of the ACLU places your name in a FBI file. Why... don't these people love their children, too? I don't get it... All the neo-conservatives under the Bush administration and his supporters have changed our country and world so drastically, all in the name of greed and profits, and after so many years of advancement in the humanitarian efforts we had accomplished. It's like we went back in time, loosing years of hard-work just to loose our struggle with Global Warming, Clean Air, etc., etc., and corporations now have a free-pass ticket to ride all over our waters and air.

Doesn't anyone care about their children and grandchildren's futures anymore? Do millionaires, billionaires, and big corporate investors think their big money will be taken with them in the end. If our world finally has had all it can take, will they get to take it with them? I imean, come on. Wall Street Investors: You can't take it with you when you go. Got it. But at least think of your children's futures. I dunno. I just don't get it. And you know, I think I'm glad I don't because I wouldn't want my mind to get that deep into an area where the mind sees dollars and investments, trading, stocks and bonds, and those big Insurance companies worth so much more then most American's could ever dream of, as more important then our future, our earth.

Greenpeace folks have dedicated and endangered their own lives to save your world and they're actions leaves one humbled. They've worked hard, placing themselves on the lines of gov't's, like our own, to save seals, dolphins and whales, and truly lends one to awe their sincere efforts. While growing-up, most can recall all those professional TV, newspapers and magazines poking fun at them. Now, it's on the upswing again and it's painful to watch the ever-growing corporate-owned TV media calling Greenpeace or any lover of nature negative names.

Media (employees) should be thanking God everyday for the activities Greenpeace folks have done "for them." Yes - thanking them! Everyone should thank protectors whom try to bring attention to the crimes committed to our world, because if they don't do it no one else would even notice, much less give a damn. And to think they do it for all of us, including our children, grandchildren and hopeful great-grandchildren's futures. Do Wall Street investors remember the day they crossed that line giving-up their morals and values over love, peace, honor, integrity for money? Maybe some never cared to begin with!?! Don't know, but it leaves one to wonder. Now, might that be why the Neo-Conservative Republicans, and certain obvious radio, television, newspapers and magazines keep pushing "Christ," "Jesus," and "God" into some of their broadcastings? Think people. There are words for this. If you're a true Christian, Jew, and/or a lover of something bigger then the rest of us you should understand exactly what I mean.

Greenpeace International - Give them a Visit and while you're there, donate a few dollars. They not onlny deserve it, they've more then earned it.

The Christian Paradox (

The Christian Paradox ( is a "must read," for Americans confused or troubled by today's mix of politics and religion. This article is amazinly on-target.


"And therein is the paradox. America is simultaneously the most
professedly Christian of the developed nations and the least Christian
in its behavior. That paradox—more important, perhaps, than the much
touted ability of French women to stay thin on a diet of chocolate and
cheese—illuminates the hollow at the core of our boastful, careening

And Checkout Harpers Magazine Online for more great articles.

Congressman Conyers My Hero

Meet Congressman John Conyers, Jr. His bio can be read here. The DailyKos writes his articles, and this wonderful "statesman" even has his own blog for the average American citizen (where ever you reside in America) here.

Buzzflash has an article from Congressman Conyers where Conyers talks about how Bush lied to America on the War in Iraq. And, this one is about Karl Rove's outing of the CIA NOC agent, Valerie Plame Wilson. Even Wikipedia, an online Encylopedia has an entire FYI about the heroic Congressman, as well.

Does he ever sleep? How can he... someone has to take care of Americans (and not just in his district and state) freedoms and civil liberties while the Neo-Con's are trampling all over our Constitution, and Bill of Rights.

I salute Congressman Conyers, and all his Congressional Representatives that support him, as always. As an Native American and Anglo-Saxon, if it were up to me I'd vote for these Africian Americans to run this country and day -- hands-up! I'm so proud of how far they've come in all they're generational mountains their lineal families have had to climb. The rest of us should be so fortunate to know how to stand-up bravely amidst these troubled-waters.

Certainly, these Congressional members past lineal grandparents, great-grandparents (and so on and so forth) would be so proud -- just as I am. Wish more Americans would take a good look at these leaders. They are true Patriots & Statesman and Stateswomen working for the good of the entire nation. And if you feel otherwise, well... I feel sadly sorry for you, sincerely.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Presidents and the Federal Debt

Presidents and the Federal Debt

Click on the link above. It will make you sick, but hopefully awaken all.

National Debt Clocks (Free)

National Debt Clocks (Free) - just click on the link. Add it to your web site. Show it to your family. If this doesn't make you weep for your children and grandchildren, nothing will.

National Debt Clock

Support Casey Sheehan's Mom, Cindy

Cindy Sheehan Deserves So Much More

Yes, she does. Oh, we all know she does. Come on. Look. I have my TV turned-off right now and you wanna know why? Because I'm am sick and tired of CNN, MSNBC and all the other lamestream media talking-spinning heads talking about movie star gossip, the poor gal missing in Aruba for months now, but nothing about Casey and his mom Cindy Sheehan.

Casey is Cindy Sheehan's son. Well, he "was," because "he died in Iraq." And Cindy wants to ask Mr. Bush why her son died, for what purpose was it? She's camped miles down the road from his Crawford, Texas ranch surrounded by Secret Service people, police - you name it just peacefully sitting in the sweltering heat and blistering rain, at times taking comfort at the small Crawford Peace House. Will Bush talk to her? Not yet he hasn't. Is this anyway to treat a fallin' hero's mother who gave her son for his ideals and WMD that have yet to be found? You see, we were lied to and all people can do in this country is rally behind their Republicans Party? It's not about whether you're a Republican, Libertarian, Green, or Democrat, it's about blood, death, war and lies... and world demonination and Oil.

You can't support Casey if you don't support his mother. It's that plain & Simple. If you support our troops while they're alive and when they die you have to support their mothers. And, if you don't get it, I can't explain it any more simpler than that.

Bob Harris get's it. His blog article hit's it right on the nose, "Whom Will Bush Arrest First: Sheeham or Bin Laden?" Bob, you must have been reading my mind. I'll add a "really" to that great blog of yours. 'Cause the news is that Cindy Sheehan is a "Security Threat." Bet they didn't think so when her son died in the hunt for Bin Laden... I mean Hussein.

This guy cares, and he cares a lot for the poor, the hunger, the jobless, etc.

Blessed are those that mourn, fore they shall be mourned.
Blessed are the meek, fore they shall inherit the earth.
Blessed are the peacemakers, fore they shall find peace.

Jesus Christ

We should all be so lucky to be this couragous, this strong on our convictions, and to have someone that will stand for us when we can no longer speak for ourselves 'cause we're dead.

Dear Main Stream TV Media: I know the woman who lost her daughter in Aruba is important. But it's been months now... how about giving one of our dead soldiers mothers some air time but they will not. And you know why. Guess... if you don't know, you're not paying attention.

Some Stories (tons more) on the Blogosphere Watching Over Cindy Sheehan:

Meet Casey's Iraq War Vets Speaking out:

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Great New DCCC.ORG Web Sites!

More then the majority of Americans would rather have the Democrats running this country, especially now, then these neo-conservatives any day. They've single-handedly ruined what was the Republican party, and Nixon doesn't look so bad right about now... kidding, though Bush 2 has far surpassed Nixon. Of course he's had a lot of help.

So, in honor of my Democrat Senators, whom have always been there for me, seriously -- just a phone call away during the some of the worst times of my life, I am honoring them with some plugs to their new websites. You can create your own blog - hey, they're giving us a place to scream, seriously. And we need that right about now -- I could have used a place like this on November 3rd, 2004 and in 2000 let me tell you. So without further ado, checkout their new sites below. You can email your Congressmen and Congresswomen with ease by just clicking on a map. Chat away, read the latest raw stories and some. And those of us with elections coming-up in 2006 are going to have to be more helpful then ever before.

We don't want to loose our wonderful Senators, now do we? Nope, we sure don't. Besides, Democrats know how to be good for all the people, the environment and corporations all at the same time, imagine that... no, really. Just think back when Clinton was President. Life was so much calmer, nicer, more affordable, and our global warming was being worked on.

A few weeks back, when I caught on the news Katharine Harris of Florida shame (2000 - took Gore down w/the help of Roberts, Bush's 1st cousin from Fox, Bolton, the supreme court and an even longer list of lawbreakers) moaning big-time because even Republicans didn't want her sitting in a Senate seat, then today basically getting her way, I knew it was time to help in any way I could!

I certainly don't want any neo-con's controlling my state though 1 already does. But this state does not like him either, so it's a hopeful "buh bye," and "adios" to a man that literally ruined my life with the stroke of a pen. Oh yeah, I'll be volunteering and learning at that same time how to help my politicans - the ones that really care stay in office where they represent me. Besides, it will help me in many ways, ways I'm working very hard on and am hopeful to do still more.

  • From the Roots

  • The New DCCC Website!

  • Md 2006 Races

  • Hall of Shame

  • Stop Rove Cover-Up, Sign Petition

  • Give those sites (above) a try. They're pretty darn good. If the Democrats in Congress can handle their jobs (overloaded to the gill under this administration) for the last 5+ years and still do all this, heck, they can handle anything.

    I'm very proud of them, and even glader I made the right choice choosing the left.

    That Hissing Sound Sounds About Right

    Paul Krugman, an op-ed Columnist with the New York Times has a great article just published yesterday defining the housing bubble our country is heading into. In his article, "That Hissing Sound." Mr. Krugman spells it out in user-friendly language this kid understands -- he's right, at least in my semi-big city.

    Prices sky-rocked over the past 4-5 years, like know one had ever seen in this area before. Everyone - neighbors, folks you bang into while shopping and some very good Real Estate agents I know personally (very creditable at that) all agree that Mr. Krugman's is, well, right! The price of homes, known as a housing bubble is already hissing... prices are coming down. Right now the prices of home along the ocean and in very sought-out areas of beach resorts are at such a low price they're cheaper to live in (resort towns and smaller ones in a 6 to35 mile radius) along (i.e.) the Delmarva (Delaware/Maryland/Virginia) area then in outer-lining areas of Baltimore, Harford, Howard and surrounding counties.

    And if you compare these prices with homes in counties outside of other bigger cities it's some difference. Just last year a buyer couldn't touch a home in or near a resort seaside town or city. Now -- wow. The prices are cheaper then small bungalow type homes in not-so-great suburbans. Gas prices might have something to do with it, but I think people are bracing for that bubble to burst. Even I've figured that one out and I'm no Paul Krugman and lousy at math. Still, common sense tells you "what goes up, up, up, has got to eventually hit a ceiling, then come crashing down." Sure, it's a hiss, but a pretty loud one. Though some areas are hanging in there.

    See, people are bracing for the economy to get even worse. It's inevitable and in clear site since the Bankruptcy bill passed giving regular citizens (98 percent of us) no protection if we get sick, disabled, lose our jobs or hit hard times. None of us are perfect. Sure, there are some that abuse the system, but why should it be "ok" for big corporations to go bankrupt "whenever they feel it's right for just them - not us," so they give themselves million dollar bonuses before filing their huge bankruptcies while the rest of us fend for ourselves. They even rob their employees of their hard-earned pensions (think big steel corporations, airlines, and others) when in reality these same corporations still are in business, just under mergers and new or already owned names we've never heard of.

    Please people... Vote Democrat Next-Time. Save us from this constant "Culture of Corruption!"

    No. I think Americans are beginning to really waking-up to Bush2-Economics and it's not good. I almost feel sorry for Greenspan. Even CNN today had to admit that Bush's polls have sunk super downwards. I mean, really, really low--low-low. This isn't going to help any of us, or big corporations either so today Greenspan increased your debts interest rates by .25 percent. Sure, it doesn't sound like much. But 10 times in the last five years. This is why the super-rich just get superiorly richer and the upper-middle class took another underserved nose-dive today.

    This of the majority of us who pay well-over $2.50 for a loaf of bread! It's sad passing by the fruits and veggies I'm told by my gov't to eat when I can't even afford to passby those great, healthy foods. I'm going to try to move and find a home with at least a big enough area to grown my own -- if I can squeeze between that hissing housing bubble prices. That means moving to a totally different area, but all of us could use a nice change from time to time in our life, right.

    By next year these economic woes will hit everyone still harder. Remember that term, "the trickle down" affect. Ah, ha.... wasn't that under Reagan (Republican). Ah, ha.... And with pressures from most wanting that baseless war in Iraq to end "like as soon as possible," the majority of people will continue to turn off their cable, satellite and other services (like paying off most of their credit card bills), tossing all the new offers in the trash (everyone is saying they're doing just that). Then, and only then will big business realize they really do need us, the American public. Till that time, if I were a politican I'd be spending every spare moment with my constiguents helping them any way I could during this crisis and let their possible future voters know they really do "care" about us enough to help us some here.

    Back to Paul Krugmans's Article, The Hissing Sound:

    There were about 4 other articles I found running a search at the Google Latest News site, and he has 1 detractor that goes so far as to pick apart (literally) every paragraph Paul Krugman wrote. But this kid knows better... Mr. Krugman, you are right-on, and not because of your feelings about "Rove," per se, rather Mr. Krugman has the courage and decency to speak about politicians, calling "a spade, a spade" when he see one. And he should. I commend him for his efforts to tell his readers what's really going on, unlike so many other columnists with obvious Neo-Con agendas which merely equate to me their somehow pro-investment in oil, steel and wars.

    I personally do not see this in Mr. Krugman's articles. Rather, all that shouts-out is a detractor doing just that - bringing up politics.

    Party affiliation in the country has created a horrible divide and where I sit it's the Republicans that have done all they can to distract everyone, including reporters, journalists, television, radio and even op-ed columnist's like Paul Krugman. No wonder our mainstream media is afraid to tell "we the people" the truth and you know what... I think I hear a "hissing sound" coming from them, too. Just do us a favor (MSM): Can you let the air out just a little faster, huh?

    Thanks. The majority of Americans will love you for it. Think of it. You could be the next heros. You keep on going and telling it like it is. Don't worry about the detractors. We all have them :) They're just small bumps in the road.