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Sunday, August 14, 2005

2008: Clinton Edwards Ticket Sounds Good

I was all for Senator Kerry and still admire him so. Matter-of-fact, I'd like to live in his state but till recently couldn't afford to. Having read a report recently under the money section from CNN it appears Massachussetts home buying market will be hitting a decline by almost 55 percent. While I feel great sympathy for those in the area, it gives others some hope that someday they too might enjoy those Boston lights at a much more home-buying affordablity.

Till then, one can only hope our country makes it to the year 2008 under this war-mongrel administration. What we need is a President & Vice President that will united us, and show a strong force for peace, and justice for all. Two people that represent both southern and east/west coast folks, as much as notherners, too. And the only two people that pops-up everything are that of Clinton and Edwards.

A Hillary Clinton & John Edwards ticket is just that -- the winning ticket for our country. One is from New York, the other from the south. They can re-united our now divided states again. At least, one can hope.

Let me know what you think?


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