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Monday, August 01, 2005

Air American Internet & XM Radio

Right here on Air America Radio (listened on XM Radio, or the Internet) you too can listen to those like Randi Rhodes in the afternoons, and Mr. Mike Malloy at nights. Randi gives you the "dish" daily, and Mike speaks his frustrations about the neo-con/Bush crapola-going's on.

Somehow, they makes one feel "not" so all alone.

Malloy comes through Monday - Friday, 10PM to 1PM EST and at 1 AM EST on XM Radio. No thanks to Faux News taking his slot!
Randi Rhodes airs 3-7 PM EST Monday - Friday on the Internet (EST), and 5-7 on XM Radio.

XM Radio's AirAmerica Line-up can be found here on Channel 167. I for one am extremely glad Air American was founded. I think one of their founders are Common Dreams, a very informative web blog.

If you're frustrated with the way things have been and are going, give Mike Malloy a try. Someday I hope to see him do his show live... dream on, huh. 'Cause nowadays, in our America-world, we're fortunate if we can even afford to pay attention -- and we'd better do just that, folks.

Thanks AirAmerica. Without your station's shows (all of them), "we the people" would not have a voice, much less hear the truth. I highly recommend turning off your TV and listtening more to the radio, and reading books that relate to our county's problems.


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