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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Back in Crawford

Cindy Sheehan is back in Crawford, Texas -- I wish her well with a busload of detractors on their way from California. Must be nice to afford such a long trip just to spew hateful detractions at such a loving, peaceful mom grieving over her son whom died for a UN-NOBLE cause. Sure, she met with Bush, but that was "after" she and the rest of us knew this war was all-based-on-lies. Many of us around America sincerely want to stand with Ms. Sheehan to support her as she shares in our views, but we can't afford to get there with rising gas prices now at $10.00 a barrel.

CBS is carrying a story here, but thanks to the Rove machine (the worse administration ever!) if you're not for the war or a neo-con, you're a "liberal." If that be the case, why are Recuitment numbers at a all time low and have been for quite sometime now? I don't see Republicans sending their kids off to Iraq... but they'll be the first to run their mouths for the war and against Poor Cindy Sheehan.

Here's betting many of our "real" troops support Cindy. My guess: Many of us disagree with out moms and dads, but if someone else does, well, that's another story. How dare anyone condemn Cindy and any parent that lost a child in a war. You're the worse kind of Amerian one can stomach thinking of. And to think, Bush thinks a mother on a vigil for Peace is "all wrong." And, he says leaving Iraq would weaken America. Sarcasim off--our country is weaker then it's ever been since Bush took our country closer to the gates of hell!

Well, Cindy has some words to say. Good for you, Ms. Sheehan. If I could be there with you I would! Here you can read about Cindy. She's a real normal American. One can even post notes to Cindy but wow -- some of the statements be left there are a total disgrace! People should be ashamed of themselves. But, that's ok. They're showing their true colors. Welcome to this horrible mess known as America under the Neo-Con's! Wake up America, for God's sake! You have many friends and supporters from around the world. Don't you worry.

So, all you war-mongrels -- here's a message for you. When the dust settles after the 2006 stolen-elections to come, here's betting they'll be a draft. And I'll bettcha the upper middle-class, the rich investors of this war, detractors of Cindy's and Peace Lovers and Protestors and more then half of your fellow Americans (Democrats, Green, Independents, etc), politicans, people with money won't be sending their kids over to Iraq anytime soon, nor people for a war based on filthy lies. Hell No! One can see why you're all called "Chickenhawks," in deed. Don't believe me -- click here.


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