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Monday, August 15, 2005

Ben Cohen, of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

The TrueMajorityACTION website "was founded by Ben Cohen, Co-founder of Ben and Jerry's" ice cream. This is a grassroots education and advocacy project and it's really easy and simple.

First, checkout his little web-based movie. Just click here and it should begin for you "within" your browser. Then, had back over to the "TrueMajorityAction web site" and join-in. If Ben of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream is doing this stuff, we need not be afraid. And while you're there, read their principles that seems to be the same things Republican voters want and don't want either.

Americans: Afraid? Naw. No way. We're the home of the free, the land of the brave and all that goods stuff, just like ice cream. Coincidentally, Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream is my favorite and I can never decide which flavor I want to try next!


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