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Monday, August 08, 2005

Cindy Sheehan: Nu. 1 Mom & Hero of the Year!

Hell, I nominate her for Woman & Mother of the Century, right now. So does RadioLeft. Just look at this woman's face -- see the weary sadness in her eyes. Will politics play into this or will Americans finally awaken to the hard, sad truth.

"Her son, Casey, was killed in Iraq in April, 2004."
"Miliary Families are Speaking-Out, too."

She's not backing down. Though Bush will not give meet with her. This is a watered-down version of her story here, but CNN has a story here and here.Other news agencies giving her the news she so deserves (but online - not on TV) are CBS, The Pittsburg News, The Army Times, and all these links over at Yahoo. Need more information, go here. Checkout the links to other groups in support of military families taking a stand. Even Yahoo has photos of her at Crawford, Texas, just below Bush's Ranch courtesy of the AP.

Single-handedly Cindy Sheehan has shown folks like myself what true courage is all about. She's my hero now. Now, will anyone else step-up to the plate?

Here: Meet Cindy Sheehan. Her son was one of the first troops to die in Iraq at the age of 24. Right now she's peacefully, and mournfully awaiting for Bush to come out and speak to her about 5 miles down from his Crawford, Texas ranch. Cindy deserves to be heard by the American people as these folks believe so too!

Thus far, she's been met with tons of supporters, reporters, as well as Sheriffs and local police. MoveOn has come to her aide. Herson Casey died in Iraq and Cindy's hell-bent to not let her son's death go in vain. Those that have sons and daughters whom do not want to fight in this war should pay homage to this wonderfully brave woman. She's not gone forgotten by Buzzflash. Lew Rockwell has her open-letter to Dick & George for all to read. Common Dreams speaks of her with grace and kindness. It's being reported all over the blogosphere that the Secret Service might be trying to intimidate her. Even TomPaine has written of Sheehan's plight.

Terry Schiavo was televised on every national network known to the western world, but where is the mainstream media television networks & religious right's outcries of support for this lone-star women? Again, meet her fallin son Casey - he died in Iraq.

Dont' you think she and her deceased son deserve some respect here?

Are people afraid to speakout? I don't think for one minute she's alone in her rage.
Are people not paying attention? I think they would if it were shown television networks like MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN and (dare I say) ... nah. But some of these stations make money on War. Guess what. These same TV stations are carrying this story online though. Matter-of-fact, the entire world is running compassionate stories about Cindy Sheehan and her peaceful sit-in down from that ranch. The New York Times online has an article about Cindy. Even USA Today does, too. But on televison? Not in my area and I live in a fairly big city.

So how about it - Television Main Stream Media? Give this woman and her deceased wartime veteran son, Army Specialist Casey A. Sheehan, born on May 29 1979, died in Iraq on April 4 2004 the coverage he and his mother deserve, please.

I just say buh bye to Direct TV. Now, I'm ready to head back to them because at least they had more to offer then what I chose over them - Comcast. Think I'm kidding. We need to all take a stand in our own way, however simple.


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