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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Cindy Sheehan: Number 1 Hero & Mom of the Year

One of the best news and political websites out here is Truthout (d0t) org. These wonderfully gifted, and honest-to-a-tee writers with their brilliant, and tireless journalistic investigative reporting has a very good front page this weekend. One story in particular has really touched my heartstrings, and that is the unsung hero (meaning the lamestream TV media is barely saying a word about her), Cindy Sheehan who's 24 year old son died in Iraq.

Ms. Sheehan wants to know why her son died in Iraqi from her late son's "Commander and Chief," Mr. Bush. But, it appears Mr. Bush didn't bother to come out of his Crawford ranch to pay any respects to this wonderfully brave, couragous woman. My heart is just bleeding for this woman and her band of supporters. Truthout has the story from the AP entitled, "Fallen Soldier's Mom Leads March on Crawford," and the original story by Deb Riechmann of the Associated Press here.

How anyone can "not" support this woman is sincerely "Un-American."

Truthout also has a story from the CIA Director, "We Let Bin Laden Slip Away," and how Congressional members are struggling to "Save the Voting Rights Act" enacted. The stories Truthout carries are the kind most people will walk away from saying to themselves, "how can this be..." but there you go. Welcome to our nightmare - the 21th Bush-Century. Say it isn't so.

Ok. I know it is "so", but just say it -- 'cause it sounds awfully good to me.

You Go, Cindy Sheehan. People should visit this site more often before turning on their fellow Americans. And this site, and this site... this one and this one, too.


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