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Friday, August 05, 2005

Congrats! We now have the Worse President Ever!

Well, let's take a look at the state of our affairs in America, shall we:

"77 Percent of Americans Believe Bush & Administration are Lying, or Covering Something Up, in the Valerie Plame/Wilson Investigation."

Make that 78%.

So, Bush's approval ratings have dropped to an all new low, according to Yahoo, Mother Jones, this Poll Site, this one here, and the Associated Press, just to name a few, while his all Republican Congress go on a spending spree (that doesn't include the majority of U.S. and our troops). But he just keeps "hailing those tax-breaks for the (1-2%), no wait -- now it's 3-5% of the wealthest" in the good ole' US of A I grew-up in. While the rest of us sink deeper into debt, joblessness, etc., etc. all I can say is I didn't vote for these Neo-Con Nightmare Bastards! At least he's having a good ole' time while on his 5 week vacation down at the Crawford Ranch.

Can anyone say "ride 'um' cowboy?"
How about if he just stays there for the, you know, good of the country.

So, 6 out of 10 (I say it's way more) feel reminded of the Prez when thinking of sinking times. And Robert's (Supreme Court Justice nominee) doesn't think our privacy should be protected under our Constitution?

In the meantime, the President could care less about what most of us think, much less our ever-growing problems with North Korea. That's right. Bush says our United States of America is going to "stay the course" in Iraq "despite all the deaths." Israel Lobbyists groups are in a bit of trouble, two more are charged in the TraitorGate/Plame/Wilson outing of CIA agenets scandal, and let's not forget the scandal that started it all: The Downing Street memos!

What a mess - pick any story here.

And the White House, House of Representatives, the Senate and all the Judiciary levels of government that are now controlled by Bush and his administration have single-handedly taken our once great country deep into the toilet bowl. Boy, won't you're grandchildren be cursing you when you're long gone - does "thanks for nothing" comes to mind. Our country is divided like it's 1860 and I dare just one person to tell me we're any better off then prior to Bush getting the keys to that Oval Office.

Speaking of our county's fast decline into the ole' toilet bowl, read about our wonderful (not) health care plans from the GOP! I'll save you the trouble. There is none.

So, thanks for nothing, and I mean nothing GOP controlled CONGRESS and those 4-5 Traitor Dem's for voting away all of our rights while giving it all to big business. Certainly 98% of us Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, Republican, Independent, Green and Liberatarian party members must be so damn disgustingly proud of how you've degutted our rights, economy, job aspects, gas prices - oh, you name it! You even managed to destroy what the Republican party was once about, and stay far away from our Social Security, and the damn Treasury.

Shew, I hope Republican voters are paying attention here 'cause this is the worse I've ever seen in my lifetime! Come on people. We have to think together here. Sure can't leave it up to them much longer. Our Country is in the toilet big-time!

Dear President Clinton: All is Forgiven... Please (I'm begging), please come back like NOW!

In the meantime, TraitorGate's Novak's apology for walking off the set, but not before uttering the words bullshit on the air last night on CNN Live fails as well. Head over to Media Matters and you can see the entire clip and tell me if you think he's nipping his problems in the ole' butt. At least CNN told him to take a vacation here, and a bit harsher newsfeed can be read here. Or at the Boston Globe, the Chicago Sun-Times, or try some 394 related articles thanks to Google. Talk about having a little bit of the dog that bit you; he'd need to bend over backwards to do that one to himself. You have to see that clip. Again, click here to watch this clip.

: Watch it while the kiddies are far from hearing 'cause Novak's using a bad cuss word and on national television during prime-time at that! Hello FCC, where are you? Folks say this is majorly inexcuseable!

You can catch-up on Traitorgate-Novak here! In case you missed it. Even Senator Spector has a thing or two to say about NOVAK. Man, what a week, year - 5 1/2 years, huh!

Oh, and even the GOP are not happy campers about ole Ms. Florida-2000-In-The-Bag-for-Bush Harris citing "misgivings." Hmmm... very interesting. I have a choice word or two for her and the Bolton, Roberts, the Supreme Court, etc. Gore did win in 2000 - face the facts!

Attn GOP: Get your shit together or you'll be the miniorty on record, since you do not represent more Americans anyway. The Democrats do! Talk about being far from reality. Jeez!

At least the FCC is going to lighten-up on rules for DSL broadband. But do you think they'd go after CNN for letting Novak say the word BULLSHIT on live television? And where's the Right-Wing Christian Evangelicals outcry? The Christian Republican coalitions outcries are so lean on the noice their silence is defening. Sort of reminds you of that wireless phone commerical. You know the one, where the guy goes all over the country saying "Can you hear me now?" "How about now?" 'Cause I can't hear a thing from those loudmouth shove-our-religiouos-views-down-the-whole-damn-country-Evangelicals now! (Thank God!)

Can you? Let me know when you do... ok. But it's not that I actually am interested in hearing them since I was born right the first time, thank you. Oh, and did I mention the Roberts nominee. Someone make-up my mind because I think it's all a distract from the Evil GOP!

Personally, I'm with this guy! Who's running our country because I'm certain my dog could do better, blind-folded at that! Craig Crawford of the Huffington Post says it best - "NOVAK: Don't Go Away Mad, Just GO AWAY!" Mr. Crawford: You got that right!

But my favorite is David Corn. Thumbs-up Mr. Corn! Now, that's a true, honest, sincere, tell-it-like-it is, courageous reporter. Of course, he's with the Huffington Post writers and that's not bad, rating them right up there with "The Nation," and "Mother Jones" magazines.

And how was your week?


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