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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Congressman Conyers My Hero

Meet Congressman John Conyers, Jr. His bio can be read here. The DailyKos writes his articles, and this wonderful "statesman" even has his own blog for the average American citizen (where ever you reside in America) here.

Buzzflash has an article from Congressman Conyers where Conyers talks about how Bush lied to America on the War in Iraq. And, this one is about Karl Rove's outing of the CIA NOC agent, Valerie Plame Wilson. Even Wikipedia, an online Encylopedia has an entire FYI about the heroic Congressman, as well.

Does he ever sleep? How can he... someone has to take care of Americans (and not just in his district and state) freedoms and civil liberties while the Neo-Con's are trampling all over our Constitution, and Bill of Rights.

I salute Congressman Conyers, and all his Congressional Representatives that support him, as always. As an Native American and Anglo-Saxon, if it were up to me I'd vote for these Africian Americans to run this country and day -- hands-up! I'm so proud of how far they've come in all they're generational mountains their lineal families have had to climb. The rest of us should be so fortunate to know how to stand-up bravely amidst these troubled-waters.

Certainly, these Congressional members past lineal grandparents, great-grandparents (and so on and so forth) would be so proud -- just as I am. Wish more Americans would take a good look at these leaders. They are true Patriots & Statesman and Stateswomen working for the good of the entire nation. And if you feel otherwise, well... I feel sadly sorry for you, sincerely.


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