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Monday, August 01, 2005

Dear U.N. Bolton Down You're Hatches

So, Bush hands Bolton the key to the United Nations on a slippery-slope silverplatter. If you think it's no biggie, you're not paying attention. Then again, my best guess would be that members of the U.N. will be watching him closely; their surely are hundreds, maybe thousands of eyes ready to Bolton Down their UN Hatches. With Bolton's reputation, I give him oh... 4 months and it will be "buh-bye," "adios," "cya."

Bolton's "damaged goods." Maybe dumbass will continue to do more major dumbass acts and maybe, just maybe the rest of American's will awaken from their brain-washed thinkings, and we can get on with gathering-up what's left of our once wonderful country.

Mr. Clinton: All is Forgiven... Please, Come Back!


Dear U.N.,

Heads-up... but you can handle it - just think "cakewalk" and we'll gather-up the popcorn as we continue to watch the BushShip of Lollipop Fools sink fastener then you can say Ti-Tan-Tic!

Best (for real) Regards,
A Seriously Concerned US Citizen


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