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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Faith, Politics, and Culture Thank God.

While I am not for "Church & State," one bit, I am a strong believe in God, and a true follower of Christ's teachings. Why do you think I'm so "liberal!" I also am an avid reader of the Gnostics and believe in peaceful teachers like Ghandi and the Dali Ali (will fix the spelling). You see, this liberal (thanks neo-con's for helping to define who I am -- and I mean that), believe if you're going to call your self a "Christian" at least feel, sense, and think it for yourself.

Read the history of how the bible was created. Learn about all the followers of Christ when he walked upon this earth. Who was John? Ah... you'll find that scholars do not know if there were more then 1 John, much less the difference between "John the Apostle" when comparing him to "John the Baptist," anymore then anyone knows why Constantine crowned himself the first pope and ordered the Bible to be written... a conquor of wars, Constantine. Go figure... no really, go and figure it out. You'll learn that Constantine annointed himself as "pope." And behold the "Church" was then created. Prior to that it was temples, and the like. Remember, John (the Apostle, or Baptist, or even a 3rd possible) was beheaded, kept on an island (he was imprisoned). When they no longer need this "John," it was off-with his head.

Go to Google or Yahoo, and run a search for "who wrote the bible," or "what does catholic mean?" Try it. Or try searching for "Constantine," but be forewarned, there are an awfully lot of propoganda out here right now, so you're best bet is to ask a history professor you trust. Think of the Lutheran Church. Do you know how it was founded? Ok. Go to Google and search for "Martin Luther." He nailed a doctrine to the Catholic Church's door at St. Peter's Square. He then headed for America. Ask a Lutheran minister about the history of Martin Luther. At that, most arm-chair genealogists should know all about the sincere reasons our ancestors fled for our soil so long ago. They were being persecuted for their different religious beliefs. Here on the soils of North America they found the freedom to believe in whatever they felt. Oh sure, some if not many "had" to "reform," but just as many did not. That's all our original ancestors wanted, a place to practice or not practice, and the right to choice their own way of life, without the fear of being persecuted. Now, think about the Neo-Con's. Why are they trying to push Evangelical Christianity into our Government. Why did Jefferson, Hamilton, Franklin and other framers and signers of our Constitution give us our freedoms? Certainly the "Mormons" wouldn't have fled here if our freedom to be different, and to live amid others who practiced "tolerance" for one another's God given right to live freely and differently knew all of this.

Why would anyone want to create so much strife in a country that was thrown into total kaos especially after 9/11? All I'm asking if for people to think logically. Things are all wrong. Don't you think?

Do you know the meaning of the word "Catholic?" How about asking yourself why "only 4" made it into the bible... you know what four, right? Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. And their books, when juxtaposed next to the Gnostics have many similiar features. If anyone is interested in the Gnostics, head over to "The Nag Hammadi Library," and another "Nag Hammadi Library" online and catch-up on some self-reading. "Metareligion" is another good reference site, too.

My definition of being a liberal is to be open-minded to all ideas and historical findings. I go with my God-given, raw, gut feelings most times in my life, and as a rule they're generally right-on target. They're have been plenty of times I've wished I'd listened to that inner-feeling, the kind my pets were born with and use by nature. We humans could learn an awfully lot from animals, like our pets. Think about it. We have this brain, and still we seem to need other's to tell us the proper way to think when it's right there in front of our noses, and we just dont' take the time to read more, and think... Hint: Turn off your television now and then. And if you can't afford the Nag Hammandi books (head for Amazon, or if you must-they are fair priced) or read them at the links above for free and "think" for yourself.

For instance, there are a lot of Democrats, and/or Liberals out here with great articles anyone can freely read. For example, over at "Sojourners for Faith, Politics and Culture", you can read some article and see that the Neo-Conservatives, and the Republican's are lying to you about Liberals and Democrats with regards to whether we're religious or not.

See, here's what makes Democrats different from Neo-Cons Republicans: Democrats welcome everyone. We are not secular and sincerely treat each other with respect and are tolerable of one another's differences. Oh sure, we yell, debate, and fuss with one another's different opinions, but isn't that what it's all about. Think 'normalcy." Neo-Con Republican thinking is not "normal!" It's radical and leaves many of your fellow Americans/Human beings "out!" This is a big world. We're over-populated. We have to learn to all live together. I don't like certain people either, but it was never over political views "prior" to George Bush entering office. Not on the levels I see these days.

Just think about that last line. Can you remember at all, in your lifetime "ever" when our country was ever this drastically divided? I can't. And Liberal Chrystie is not as young as you might think. Please people, "think." Please... before we crash any further.

Here's an example: This article is written by "Attorney Van Jones," the national executive director of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights in Oakland, California according to their website. It beings with... "Rabbi Michael Lerner is stirring up trouble again - thank God." It get's much better, too! To read more from SojoNet's article head for "Faith, Politics, and Culture: "The Religious left fights back," by Van Jones AlterNet 7-28-2005.

Again, enjoy!


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