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Monday, August 01, 2005

Fill My Pills NOW!

Save My Pills NOW! is a website created by the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

You can check your local pharmacy's score-card on the issue of turning down women for birth-control, take action right from their website, read about the "War on Choice," Join their team, Donate for the cause, Get the facts, check your State's information and Speak Out while you keep an eye on their "Supreme & other levels of Court Watch!"

You can even add their banners to your postings and web site.

Come on people. Let's not head backwards. This is the 21 Century for God's sake.

Quoting "Save Roe.Com:"

"In an outrageous move to stop women from preventing unintended pregnancies, some pharmacists across the country have refused to fill prescriptions for emergency contraception and other birth control pills. The reason? They believe it is in conflict with their moral beliefs. Birth control is basic health care and restricting access to prescriptions is nothing short of discrimination. Don't let ideology trump sound science—join our Fill My Pills Now campaign today."

Visit this site and lend them support for standing-up for all women all the time.

I can't believe we've went backwards after coming so far and in less then 5 plus years. My God people, think of your daughters, sisters, nieces and all the women long passed-on that marched in the streets so many decades ago so women could have the right to vote and choices.

Who do these neo-conservative, ultra-Republicans and religious right-wing supporters (about 1-2% of our entire 280 billion US populous) think they are? They don't speak for this woman.

Touch'a my body, my stuff, my integrity, and my god-given freedoms to choice "whatever," and that's it! Oh, no... this is dispicable! Speak for yourselves if you believe in this crap 'cause you don't speak for me if you think this narrow-mindedly. And if you do and disagree with me, you need to seriously head for Liberals Like Christ -- read long and hard, and re-think about your viewpoints as to why you so strongly support today's Republican party!

It ain't your mother's party any longer. For that matter, it's not any females party any longer!

Wake-up, American before it's too late!


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