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Monday, August 08, 2005

Google Bomb

Google bomb - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia explains in user-friendly detail just how Google ranks a search. What I understand from reading various help links at Google, they actually have nothing to do with what appears first in the search line-ups, rather it's by popularity meaning how many people click on a link.

Give it a try... but if you're looking to get your website ranked high-up the Google-chain, make sure you read very carefully about Spamdexing, a dishonest way to modify HTML web site headers. I never knew Google Bomb existed till today and find it strange, a bit weird, yet very, very interestesting.

This is why Google in my opinion is one, if not the best search engine out here. And Vice-President Gore had a hand in helping get her off the ground or so I hear.

Thanks Google and Wikipedia. You're two of the most fantastic search (slash) information sites on the Internet. Single-handedly they've help define the internet and have made it all worth the wild! Surf's up!


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