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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Great New DCCC.ORG Web Sites!

More then the majority of Americans would rather have the Democrats running this country, especially now, then these neo-conservatives any day. They've single-handedly ruined what was the Republican party, and Nixon doesn't look so bad right about now... kidding, though Bush 2 has far surpassed Nixon. Of course he's had a lot of help.

So, in honor of my Democrat Senators, whom have always been there for me, seriously -- just a phone call away during the some of the worst times of my life, I am honoring them with some plugs to their new websites. You can create your own blog - hey, they're giving us a place to scream, seriously. And we need that right about now -- I could have used a place like this on November 3rd, 2004 and in 2000 let me tell you. So without further ado, checkout their new sites below. You can email your Congressmen and Congresswomen with ease by just clicking on a map. Chat away, read the latest raw stories and some. And those of us with elections coming-up in 2006 are going to have to be more helpful then ever before.

We don't want to loose our wonderful Senators, now do we? Nope, we sure don't. Besides, Democrats know how to be good for all the people, the environment and corporations all at the same time, imagine that... no, really. Just think back when Clinton was President. Life was so much calmer, nicer, more affordable, and our global warming was being worked on.

A few weeks back, when I caught on the news Katharine Harris of Florida shame (2000 - took Gore down w/the help of Roberts, Bush's 1st cousin from Fox, Bolton, the supreme court and an even longer list of lawbreakers) moaning big-time because even Republicans didn't want her sitting in a Senate seat, then today basically getting her way, I knew it was time to help in any way I could!

I certainly don't want any neo-con's controlling my state though 1 already does. But this state does not like him either, so it's a hopeful "buh bye," and "adios" to a man that literally ruined my life with the stroke of a pen. Oh yeah, I'll be volunteering and learning at that same time how to help my politicans - the ones that really care stay in office where they represent me. Besides, it will help me in many ways, ways I'm working very hard on and am hopeful to do still more.

  • From the Roots

  • The New DCCC Website!

  • Md 2006 Races

  • Hall of Shame

  • Stop Rove Cover-Up, Sign Petition

  • Give those sites (above) a try. They're pretty darn good. If the Democrats in Congress can handle their jobs (overloaded to the gill under this administration) for the last 5+ years and still do all this, heck, they can handle anything.

    I'm very proud of them, and even glader I made the right choice choosing the left.


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