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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Greenpeace Int'l: God Bless These Folks

You can't take it with you...

Home of the Greenpeace International: Their website is a must visit if you're concerned about our climate changes, pollution, saving our oceans, protecting ancient and environmentally needed forests; not in agreement with genetic engineering, concerned about the elimination of toxic chemicals in our air and waterways (much less our bodies); ending nuclear threat (that would be really nice), encouraging sustainable trade, and much more.

I love these couragous folks for all the wonderful actions they've taken-on against those that harm what God left in our hands -- "Mother Earth." She's our natural and much needed global envionment and she's taking horrible hits from the corporate-owned press and I mean for eons. It's said if you're an Environmentalist, you now falls under catagories of "tree-huggers," like "Historic Preservationists" whom have been known to do (Yes... a prior Professor, Godspeed to her) and you're now considered a terrorist. I mean, this is unbelievable. Even being a member of the ACLU places your name in a FBI file. Why... don't these people love their children, too? I don't get it... All the neo-conservatives under the Bush administration and his supporters have changed our country and world so drastically, all in the name of greed and profits, and after so many years of advancement in the humanitarian efforts we had accomplished. It's like we went back in time, loosing years of hard-work just to loose our struggle with Global Warming, Clean Air, etc., etc., and corporations now have a free-pass ticket to ride all over our waters and air.

Doesn't anyone care about their children and grandchildren's futures anymore? Do millionaires, billionaires, and big corporate investors think their big money will be taken with them in the end. If our world finally has had all it can take, will they get to take it with them? I imean, come on. Wall Street Investors: You can't take it with you when you go. Got it. But at least think of your children's futures. I dunno. I just don't get it. And you know, I think I'm glad I don't because I wouldn't want my mind to get that deep into an area where the mind sees dollars and investments, trading, stocks and bonds, and those big Insurance companies worth so much more then most American's could ever dream of, as more important then our future, our earth.

Greenpeace folks have dedicated and endangered their own lives to save your world and they're actions leaves one humbled. They've worked hard, placing themselves on the lines of gov't's, like our own, to save seals, dolphins and whales, and truly lends one to awe their sincere efforts. While growing-up, most can recall all those professional TV, newspapers and magazines poking fun at them. Now, it's on the upswing again and it's painful to watch the ever-growing corporate-owned TV media calling Greenpeace or any lover of nature negative names.

Media (employees) should be thanking God everyday for the activities Greenpeace folks have done "for them." Yes - thanking them! Everyone should thank protectors whom try to bring attention to the crimes committed to our world, because if they don't do it no one else would even notice, much less give a damn. And to think they do it for all of us, including our children, grandchildren and hopeful great-grandchildren's futures. Do Wall Street investors remember the day they crossed that line giving-up their morals and values over love, peace, honor, integrity for money? Maybe some never cared to begin with!?! Don't know, but it leaves one to wonder. Now, might that be why the Neo-Conservative Republicans, and certain obvious radio, television, newspapers and magazines keep pushing "Christ," "Jesus," and "God" into some of their broadcastings? Think people. There are words for this. If you're a true Christian, Jew, and/or a lover of something bigger then the rest of us you should understand exactly what I mean.

Greenpeace International - Give them a Visit and while you're there, donate a few dollars. They not onlny deserve it, they've more then earned it.


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