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Thursday, August 11, 2005

How to Support Our Troop & Send Care Pkgs.

Yes. I support out troop. In fairness, I do not support those that are paid tons of money to protect Halliburton and the likes. But, I do support our men and women in Iraq and around the world doing their job with great honor and dignity. You see, just because I am a Democrat (now a dirty word, known as "liberal" according to political neo-con Republican name-game calling), all played-out while our guys and gals are dying, coming home harmed and sick, and others still committed to their tour of duty -- and I also support those who dissent. I do. But, I also firmly believe this war based on lies, not for the original reason: 9/11 and Finding Bin Laden.

So, to help them, I thought maybe, maybe if I place some links here it would make it easier for everyone from their homes to find out just how easy it is to send them food, and other goodies we certainly enjoy. So, without further ado the links to some of our troops online. Many of us are confined to our homes, for various reasons and to me it's more then just placing a "Support the Troops" on the back of my car, which I do not. I believe that if that's the most "literal" way one believes they support our troops needs to do more soul-searching.

We can email them and their families. We can send them care-packages & letters, pillows, whatever but we can also protest here at home to bring them home where they can protect our Super-Power country right here along our borders. Imagine how happy their families and fellow Americans will feel knowing our guards are home protecting all of us. But that's my viewpoint. Maybe they like being over there, but I don't think so... everyone wants to come home.

You see, I think we should let those making big money protecting big corporations in Iraq rebuild Iraq -- that's what they're their for, right. Well, they can also re-train Iraqi's on how to protect their homeland, and our regular troops and guards can be released from those back-door drafts I've seen debated on C-SPAN where every Democrat debates for our men and women, but never a Republican. My suggestion to our troops near a computer is to head for C-SPAN and check-out their video clips. I think they save them for later viewing.

I don't want to "bring 'um on." I just want to "bring them home." Then our borders would be safer, and our country from further attacks. But, that's just my viewpoint.

Operation Truth: Here you'll find their stories about Halliburton's special forces and how our troops feel about them; links, their stories and much more.


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