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Saturday, August 13, 2005

I Didn't Know - Did You?

:: Did You Know :: are links to some intriging stories you won't find on your Television dials anytime soon, until now. The "Sundance Channel" online has been airing some very interesting stoires like today's "Catonsville, Maryland 9," a group of Catholic Pasters, Nuns and others adamently against the Viet Nam war. It was a remarkable story and hope it's aired again.

Thank you Sundance!

On their website you'll find various articles from around the country, all about our current events - these articles are a must read. You'll learn what is not revealed to us intentionally and how our gov't keeps secrets from the public. One can read how stations like CNN are monitored by our gov't on what is acceptable and what is not.

For instance, on August 21, 2005, next Saturday at 9:30 PM (EST) the Sundance Channel will air "Embedded Live," a play with Tim Robbins, who leads a cast of characters who'll depict our War in Iraq and our Gov't under the Neo-Cons. Tim Robbins is offering free downloads to boot.

I miss Robbins and those brave American Hollywood/New Yorker's whom use to get air-time to speakout for injustices folks like me. They've taken the smear-tactics from the "faux" liberal news media (not liberal - not liberal - the media is far from liberal so stop thinking it, their bias as hell)! but somehow come-out shining in the end because most known their trying to help us, placing themselves directly in the lines of smear-fires. Like Sean Penn, who risked his "life" visiting Iraq before and during the invasion. He filmed children in hospitals when no one else would. More recent, he risked his life again and headed for Iran where he was shot at, and his film taken from him. I think he might have gotten some of it back. But I wouldn't know.

All I see are the same white missing females over and over again, for months and even years (Peterson case) for instance, rather then the real news. And I'm so sick of it! So are others!

Here you can read a "Text of Statement by Sean Penn at News Conference in Baghdad," on Sunday, Decemeber 15, 2002 and here where one learns Penn is a father, and prides himself in being an American with the right to speak-out against a war he does not agree with. This story is from the NY Times, and when Sean Penn went back to Iraq "again." LOOK HERE and HERE for the photos of Penn in Baghdad... amazing, truly heroic. This is what being an American is all about. Not propaganda bull from our media, the biggest profiteers during war. In June of this year Penn had his camera confiscated. And check here where he visits the Iran elections, a cinema museum all while feeling threathened. How can anyone say anything bad of such a brave American when they armchair their hatred, their spite -- I don't see any Chickenhawks doing this, nor many of our leaders. At least Kerry served overseas and didn't hide his records.

It seems under Bush hatred has been released from people; as if they've been given a "free ticket" to slander their fellow Americans, more then half of us, you know. It's a disgrace. People "should" hang their heads in shame... Shame on my fellow Americans that smite with hatred those like Cindy Sheehan, who's son Casey died in Iraq before she and he realized the war was based on all lies. I'll continue to pray nightly and lately daily for those that are filled with this type of hate that they think a March, and a Concert where they will party-on is some sort of rally-cry for a war our soldiers are dying when they face the closing of VA hospitals, and bases -- wait til they come home and see that the GOP Neo-Con's politics were more important then they're safety, food, health care and needs.

Thou shall not kill... thou shall not lie.... thou shall not covet thy neighbors "things," and "forgive thine enemies."

Read of other's sacrifices labeled the "Hollywood elite," and how much they've done for Americans. So elite, they can't get airtime on any national (faux liberal) news network like Kim Bassinger, David Duchovyn, Mia Farrow, David Matthews, Michael Stipe, and even Martin Sheen and many others. We should be thankful they're doing all they can for our troops and America and the world -- blessed are the peacekeepers, blessed are those that mourn.

If (like it would ever happen) one of the Penns, Moores, Susan's or Robbins happens upon my tiny little meaningless blog, please note that this American is sincerely thankful, humbled and misses your presence on Television. I miss the stands you took, always for the underdogs when you didn't have to. There are many underdogs now in America, self included falling deeper in debt because we're being bombarded with cut-loose credits, worse then vulchers. Do they care if you're disabled? No. Do they care if you're a widow? No. Do they care if you've suffered huge injustices and now tell you ya can't sue from errors made by a multi-billion dollar corporation still making big money still during wartime yet they have filed Bankruptcy and carried on, but we can not now. Do they care about one's late soulmate, gone forever over pennies on their investors dollars? No. Do they treat you with any compassion. Hell no. They're arrogant and uncompassionate - they're neo-cons for certain though they try to mascarade as anything but.

But I still care. I won't let them take that from me. I want to hear the opinions of Stars, Professors, Writers, 9/11 Victims, Soldiers that don't agree with what's going on, and the Cindy Sheehan's. And you know why they have the right to do so -- because they are Americans too, and risk their careers, spend their own money (big-time) for you and I and the world, all in the name of peace, and human fairness for everyone here and on this planet. Do they have to? No way.

Well, this American is proud of them as much as I'm thankful for the entire radio teams on AirAmerican radio. I don't know where I'd be without them. Probably a member of the unknowing, unwillingly... As a "Liberal like Christ," I take great homage in knowing their out there, those stars, utilizing their powers to try to save the world, while others demean them. Their bravery has taught me a lot. Wish I could do more. If I had the money they had, I would be at all costs. Thank you Sean, Tim, Susan, Robert and all the rest -- thank you so much.

The truth is, many Americans are "afraid" to speakout, as I am doing right here, and right now. Imagine, being "afraid" to speak freely in America. It's just so un-imaginable.


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