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Monday, August 01, 2005

Judy Miller: Ms. Betrayal

Judy Miller a hero.

Tell me another one 'cause she's no hero in my eyes, rather the bottom of the Plamegate, traitor list. Thanks for helping to cause the destruction of my country's core values and turning your face towards profits and your back on your fellow American's and our country! This blogger will never flip a dime towards Time, NY Times or CNN, Newsweek, etc. No. Never. It's just un-forgiveable. I'll never buying another magazine, paper or book associated with any of them (just follow the money and bingo-you know what not to buy).

I now only "Buy Blue!"

And, I no longer, nor will I ever watch their TV programing ever-ever again, either. Besides, I hear I'm not alone. Their Profits. Huh! The polls clearly show their profits are in the toilet anyway, so... hahahaha! Just like the ones you protect.

Read how she screwed you, me, your children, grandchildren, neighbors - oh, just think the whole entire world while you're at it. This guy says it all. Thanks Mr. James Moore for putting it into words that I can no longer define. And kudo's to Arianna Huffington for you're excellent article that details-out the role Judy Miller played in the Plamegate, Iraqgate affair.

Huffington Post gets a 5 Star from this blogger. Where would we be without them? I dare think about that one.

Wake-up, Americans... please, wake-up.


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