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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Land of the Free? Think Again!

Do you know what the National ID, the Patriot Act and all Intel bureaus are really up to? Do you know their spying on regular Americans? Even if you're standing on a corner with a protest sign, you're now considered a possible "Terrorist." How about if you love animals and protest the harm of animals? Is your church active? Are you a biker?

If you answered "yes, you might be considered a Terrorist.

The ACLU fought for some folks in Denver, Colorado and found a lot about what the FBI is really doing and it includes those from Intel.

So, the Patriot Act, and the National ID Act, created after 9/11 were to spy on who? The American people? Not foreign Terrorists? Did you know they're spying on Republican and Democrat voters, and religious groups, too? Yup. And this isn't funny. It's as if our government is afraid of us. I just can't phanton this. What happened to our Civil liberties? Or how about our "Home of the free and brave?" "Let freedom Ring?" Our poor liberty bell... ole' Franklin has gotta be rolling over in his grave up in Philly. No joke intended there.

I'm sorry, but it was Muslim Extremists that caused 9/11, right? This is crazy and takes away our freedoms. They read our emails and listen to us on the phone. They can even do a "sneak and peak" in your home while you're not there and they don't leave calling cards. If you protest peacefully, you might get a knock on the door. Think I'm kidding. Click the links above and learn about the plan for the World demoniation (a.k.a. World Globalization) called PNAC. It's not the same since 9/11. I mean, shouldn't the government be spending these billions of dollars to monitorwho committed 9/11? How about all the corruption up in DC? Hell, there is plenty of corporate corruption to keep them busy long after we're all gone. So, why us? And our Mexican aligned borders are wide-open and no one gives a damn in our government. Can someone explain this to me?

Sad. What happened to my country? When did we become the enemy? All in 5 years. What happened to less government? Why do I see an extreme amount of military-like police in my area? We hear clicks on our phones all the time. You can't apply for Energy Assistance with your local utility company without agencies requesting obscene amount of information. If you're Disabled, they want all your personal information like never before (checking, etc.) and it just get's worse. It's so overwhelming and terrorizing I question who the terrorists really are here. No wonder a local Community College is spitting out kids in groves in strange military uniforms and they're not friendly with anyone out of their circles. Try smiling at one and don't get in their way when they're jogging around in gangloads. They'll run little old ladies over and not stop to give a damn. What are they being trained for? We have enough cops, yet crime is still running rampid.

So, why average, normal, American citizens of all ages? Dissent... hmm. Remember the Boston Tea Party? How about the War of Independence and the Revolutionary War. These all helped form who we are. Our Bill of Rights and the Constitution has been shredded. If this doesn't stop soon we won't recognize American at all.

Next time you're thinking that the ACLU is some bad lefty organization, think again. They're about all any of us have left who's fighting for all of our civil liberties.


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