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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Legal Ethics & Professional Codes

The Maryland Legal Ethics online information database has data about the professional codes lawyers must abide by. BizJournal online has an article about the "unusual high" disbarring of Md lawyers. The list of information on the internet goes on and on with regards to ethics and the codes all lawyers must abide by under professional codes. Here it talks about Malpractice cases and they're on the up-rising. And this is a very interesting article which explains in user-friendly format how a law firm representing a big corporation, per se, would be paid by (i.e.) the insurance company.

This article explains that it's a lawyer must "preserve the client's right to accept or reject a settlement offer." If you call any lawyer coldly, they'll tell you hands-down every time that no lawyer, at least in the state of Maryland can tell, nor order their client to accept or decline an offer any more then they can keep a client from their "day in court." Justice is not blind, yet that I know of. To be treated in any other matter is not only unethical, it could get a lawyer disbarred. And this article defines client-lawyer relationships in greater depth. Here, it explains how insurance companies hope the client is shuttled away quickly, without ever realizing how much their case was really worth.

Distractions, fear-tactics, and the demeaning of a client during the worse time in their lives is when a client needs a representative that has their best interests at heart -- it's not always about economics, especially when the client will never have the economic value ($), nor legal connections and know-how as the lawyer. When lawyers cross some sort of "play by play -- it's just a game -- win or lose" line, and forget they're dealing with human beings lives and sometimes worst yet, a death, this might explain why so many do not like our legal system.

In the end, it is the insurance companies (corporate insurer), and the lawyers that wins while the victim is left more demoralized, demeaned and left victimized by a state they might have been born in, trusted and now feels left to the wayside in the name of a buddy-system that could get out of control (drunk with power and connections, maybe?). No wonder many people have lost respect for lawyers and justice they sincerely seek from the court systems. The citizens are left to hear those Whisper Campaigns that have been going on for eons -- psst.psst. have you heard... "Your insurance rates are up because of frivilous law suits," when the truth is "Insurance" companies have had record banner profitable years -- worth hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars. You're rates go up and so do their investors lifestyles.

The only people that seem to have any trust in lawyers are criminals. And those so-called "frivilous lawsuits," that result in wrongful deaths, destroying families forever all over nuts and bolts, per se (pennies on our small dollars) which had they been replaced lives could have been saved. Rather, once a client thinks they're being led into their "day in court" justice suddenly becomes blind to the lawyers dealings, and the very courts that are suppose to be there when you need them.

Then again, a "Legal Ethics & Professional Codes" book might remind some otherwise.


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