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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Liberal Like Christ: The Rest are False Christians

Lt. Tim McCray and John Pilson of the Middlebrook Volunteer Fire Department on Saturday exit a side door not far from graffiti at St. John's Reformed United Church of Christ near Middlebrook.
(Photo: Mike Tripp / The News Leader)

The Voice I listen to, Mike Malloy of AirAmerica is called this what it was tonight and he couldn't have been more right about this horrible crime. One I see as a crime against humanity.

In Middlebrook, Virginia, a hate-group attacked the United Church of Christ's "The St. John's Reformed Church," (a wonderful site that's thanking everyone for their support right now), because the UCC practices the true teachings of Christ - and whether you care to believe in the truth or choice to continue to use the Lord's name in vain and Jesus' teachings to commit such hate-crimes (you're sick and wrong), or you choice to follow the true teachings of Christ (yes, Christ was a liberal) well, that's your choice. I mean, to vandalize a church just because they believe sincerely in helping all human beings is just sick.

I mean, their church was "severely damaged" from the smoke, fire and hateful messages painted on their "House of God," all in the name of hate. Read the sad truth right here!

How in the world can sane people actually believe that Gays will harm their marriages is beyond this God loving person. Again, you oughta be ashamed and get a grip.

Of course, it's "ok" for these fake, hate-filled Christians to use profanities, and hateful attacks of violenceis not Christ-like - far from it! While I'' not gay, I'd stand beside my fellow Gay brothers and sisters anytime, and at anyday - proudly I might add! Well, I'm here to tell you that God loves all his children, regardless. How about practicing what you preach and try being "Pro-Human for a change!" And politicians should keep your religion out of our politics, as you've forgotten why Jesus lost his temper while he walked on earth! The nerve!

There's a name for your kind of thinking. It's called "Homophobic." Rather then speaking with a minister or preacher, how about a shrink, huh? Better yet, how about a marriage councelor! At least other groups are standing-up for what's humane and just!

But, this group think hating Gays is "ok" in the Lord's name. Their devine road leads not to the those Pearly Gates, by no means. No. They're horribly wrong.

I only hope the feds (F.B.I.) finds these people and justice is served. Please STOP THE HATRED! And this is the best the FreeRepublic Group can say about this... please. Even the damn media is spinning this to the point that I might never, ever watch TV again - thanks for nothing Hannity/Faux News you're one of the worse! Here's hoping enough people (as I have) turn off their networks in protest and pick-up books, read more, and get out into what's left of our world and embrance diversities with Godly, Jesus-like tolerance. Because not everyone thinks like this -- not one bit!

But when these acts are committed upon St. John's or any Church that loves all regardless of their sexuality or whatever it's so far from what the true teachings of Christ was and still is suppose to be all about. Didn't Jesus' teachings and actions while here on earth mean anything to these most uncompassionate people? They are "hate crimes," pure and simple and have no business in our politics. Can't the Evangelicals see through all this - if they're truly reading, and comprehending what Jesus' message was about? Apparently not.

In my opinion hate-filled Christians are no better then the terrorists, no better then what history has shown long before Constantine re-created the bible. They have made Liberal Chrystie sickened by their violent actions and even more saddened by their hatred - so far from what Christ is all about. If you disagree, read this, then this and this, too. And this onedoes not speak for me! I mean, just get off of it and either grow the hell-up, get over your own super-insecurities, or shut-up because you don't speak for me, nor most I know or have met in my lifetime! That's how vile this all is. Some of these groups are "again" stirring-up the old Anti-Jewish spins too. How is it that all of this can find it's way into our 21 century so-called Democracy of American now. It's so sad that it seriously leaves me ill and speechless.

I've got no more to say on this issue because it makes me that sick!


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