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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Mainstream Media: When News Isn't News

The Progressive Magazine's writer Molly Ivins writes an article in this months online journal entitled, When News Isn't News and it's an easy-read detailing plainly what many of us already know (thank you Molly!).

She writes about when she first read about the Downing Street Memos (here, too), and what she seen read regarding the lead-up to the War in Iraq from various newspapers, and some of the really horrible statements made by certain columnist (Tom Friedman, New York Times). Friedman wrote "liberals" do not want to talk about the war (that's what were always talking about, as we care about our troops!). He even went so far as to say "liberals" hope it ends in disaster. This is un-real! I'm saddened by this and thank Molly ivins for writing this piece.

Read more of Ivins article here. Shew... this just leaves me speechless.


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