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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Neo-Con's Can't be Christians!

From ben93's Live Journal, The Voice From The Whirlwind: "How can a Neo-con be a Christian?" is an excellent read for anyone thats "trying" to comprehend why Christians, such as Liberal Chrystie (self) are adamently against these Neo-con's and how they have "the nerve" to continue to call themselves "Christians," fore they are far from it.

Ben begins... "As I understand the teachings of Jesus Christ, it does not seem to me as though a Neo-con could conceivably be a real Christian." Read more here...

I don't know what pains me more, fake, false Christians, a.k.a. "Neo-Conservatives, Ultra-Conservatives," whom hide behind the Republican Party, and how they abusive voters for just that - their votes. They've systematically turned our country into the "Culture of Corruption," and "Brother-Against-Brother" mentality like no one I know has ever seen in their lives... and they use some of the most disenfranchised and "buy able" of them all -- the Evangelical's. Oh yeah. They used them alright. I know enough of them to know this as a fact. You see, Evangelical's for the most part are looking for answers to life's problems, generally on a personal level, not on a national level. I'm guessing, but if I put together what I already know first-hand it leaves me to surmise that the GOP "might" have studied these non-voting religious groups; found they were vulnerable, troubled as some are for a multitude of reasons I won't get into right now and radared-in on what bugged them, namely "Gays," and "Morals/Values."

When even their votes were not looking like it was "enough," these GOP Neo-Con's bought, promised, and used every dirty tactic they could to "get those votes" in favor of their man and other Republicans. Now this is just my theory, but I've studied what many have shown out here and in various prints and it's pretty obvious that when the only "3" voting companies controlling our countries votes are all "Republican" supporters, well, you figure it out. So they used the disenfranchised in this country, the Evanglicals, and even kept may Americans, like Africian Americans from voting, confusing them with too many tactics to name here and they've got the entire country in their hands -- you and my life are under total control of the most narrow-minded, neo-conservatives most would never vote for. They're too radical.

Check the polls. Nothing makes sense. Systematically, whether it be by phone, on the internet, whatever, the majority "always" votes against Bush, his administration and the War in Iraq. What does that tell us? It means either the majority of voters really were cheated of their true votes for Gore in 2000 (the Supreme Court gave the Presidency to Bush -- Gore had the majority of votes from Americans), later Kerry in 2004 "or" we have Republican voters fed-up with the Neo-Con's, as well.

People. My Fellow Americans. Wake-up, now. Please.


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