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Friday, August 05, 2005

Nothing But the BullShit Truth!

So help me God. Oh, BULLSHIT!

Disclaimer: Since the Vice President of the United States of my America can say "F-You" on the floor of the Senate, the President of these United States can stick his middle finger up in the air, and I'm talking about these events recorded on air live, back when he was the Gov of Texas - I'll find the links and place them here, and since one of the reportedly most powerful Television news people, Novak, can say "bullshit" live on their CNN air-waves during prime-time, I do hereby assume I can say the word "bullshit" about as often as I please. Now, if the FCC told me to stop, I'd gladly do so, besides, I'm not one for cussing anyway and I do abide by the law.

With that said, Oh Jeez, so sick of bullshit lies! Welcome to the 21st Century, full of Bullshit!

So, for your TGIF reading/surfing pleasure I offer your some good bullshit, and some links to some of the not-so-good bullshit we gotta live with every bullshit filled day. But, before you get started you really should know what "shit" means. Just add the bull and you're good to go.

The meaning of Shit from Wikipedia, a free encyclopedia online says:

"Shit is a vernacular word in Modern English denoting the feces, the solid byproduct of digestion. It is an old and native English word, but following the Norman Conquest, Norman, Anglo-Norman, French, and Latin terms for many common objects and bodily functions began to be seen as more distinguished than native words, and thereafter feces became the accepted English noun, to defecate became the accepted English verb, and shit was no longer used in polite company."

"The scientific study of shit is termed scatology or coprology. Much enviornmental and ecological information can be obtained from the study of these samples. Shit that has undergone fossilization is called a coprolite. Coprophagy is the eating of shit which is a normal part of the diet for many animals."

There's more, way more. Read more about Shit complete with useful examples.

"Your Call is Important to Us," is for everyone who's sick and tired of all the lies like the bullshit "culture of globalization" to "bullshit commercialism" filling our nightly air-waves for the bullshit war for oil. And let's not forget the bullshit war propganda from our bullshit faux liberal media, and those scripted daily/nightly bullshit GOP talking heads - oh the bullshit.

Folks, this is not your bullshiter's bullshit world anymore.

Let's Get Started & Cut Through All the Bullshit:

Prank's Place. They have tons of bullshit stuff like a Bush doll that talks and farts at the same time. Wow. Even I could get into this. No Bullshit.

And if that isn't enough bullshit for you, grab a Redneck Horn for all those calming weekend moments you're missing 'um, you know, all the bullshit you're trying to forget. And if you can't stomach all the bullshit hitting the TV air news-waves these days about the GOP bullshit lies, get some good ole fashioned teeth right here. Sink right into all the daily bull with ease for a change.

Read Some Good Bullshit From these Great Sites: - NO BULL

A Scrivener's Lament: All about Bob Novak apologizes for saying "Bullshit." Quoting Scrivener, "no bullshit!" when responding that Novak apologies for saying "Bullshit" on CNN live the other night.

From J. Renton's Blog: "Get em while they're young!" has a great article, and photo of our dear War for Oil President urging young brown-shirt Boy Scouts to, well... take a look at this swelding hot Jamboree. (I wouldn't have let my dog go though something like this, but then again, maybe it's me).

Billionaires for Bush has some fantastic brand new gaming cards called "Block the Votes Heroes" ready to roll and these folks are no bullshit! You gotta love them for their determination to separate facts from Bullshit!

One of the best No-Bullshit sites at "The Brad Blog."

Santorum Explosed - I couldn't agree with them more. No bullshit.

PM Carpenter's Commentary with quotes from real live Republicans (No

And all the bullshit from Tom "The Hammer" Delay - Kudos PM Carpenter - good stuff!

And the final "No-Bullshit" site for your TGIF surfing pleasure can be found at "Think Progress." Whom helps defines for those of us weary of all the bull our President-for-Oil dishes out, like how he's playing 'round down on the ranch on a nice long, much-deserved 5 week vacation. Yeah. Seems he's picked-up on his Spanish when replying to reporters. Now, if he could just brush-up on his English maybe we could cut through all his Bullshit!

Have a nice bullshit-free weekend.


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