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Friday, August 12, 2005

O'Reilly is Controlled By Far Right Elements

Over at News Hounds who (thank God) "watches the Fox News so we don't have to" has a great retort article. Read it here: News Hounds: O'Reilly : Cindy Sheehan Controlled By Far Left Elements:

"Using his all knowing and tolerant tone, O'Reilly claimed that he supports Cindy Sheehan's right to express dissent. Then he bashed Maureen Dowd for glorifying Sheehan in her column today. The Baltimore Sun also got a knock for praising Sheehan, prompting Bill to dismiss it as an anti Bush paper." Read the rest here.

And head over to's William River Pitts up-to-the-minute news with video clips also at Camp Casey, Crawford, Texas.

Fox News: O'Reilly has systematically helped to divide this country like never before. You're ratings are in the tank and as long as you allow this to continue, I, my friends, family and many neighbors, along with many out here in the blogosphere (we make up millions in this nation) will never watch your station again -- ever! Get rid of this crap, the Madness needs to stop now. How do you sleep at nights, O'Reilly and Fox (FAUX) News? Huh!


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