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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Paul Hackett: Ohio's Next Democrat To Watch

He lost by a mere margin today in Ohio (major red), but those "blue-necks" came really, really close thanks to Paul Hackett, a good family man whom served his country in the Gulf.

This post is just for Paul Hackett. Paul, hang-tight -- you can do it in 2006! He ran a good race, coming marginally super-close; a very good sign. But can you imagine. His running mate, this woman who'd never been to war (like Mr. Hackett) got her big payload to run against him from the likes of Delay and others. She put him down so badly (imagine -- demeaning her running mate who is an Iraqi War Veteran). How dare Republicans do so then parade around like they really give a damn about our troops; in reality they only care about themselves. These Republicans even got the churches involved to denounce him. 6 Marines were killed from Ohio. Hackett gave a damn, but Republican voters (this neo-con Republican Party, not the one you thought of years back) does not care at all.

Wake-up, America. Please, wake the hell-up. How could a War Vet not win this, and one that served our country in the dessert storms. Where was our mainstream media? Where is the support for our troops? They should be handed the key to cities. When will the regular voters (Republicans) not the rich ones that run their show awaken, I ask.

Thank you Paul Hackett! I'm proud of you, and I'm not even from your site.

You too can thank Mr. Hackett by going right here.


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