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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Peak Oil & How To Survive It

From the Wilderness has a Links And Resources page that everyone should pay heed too. You'll find liks to the "Center for Cooperative Research," the Prudent Bear, OilEmpire, Life After the Oil Crash, the 321 Energy site, the Asso. for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas, and so much more extermely significant websites.

Folks, these people are trying to help us. They could choice to move-on in life, and enjoy what's left of it, rather they spend a lot of hard-earned money and time getting this out to us, the public and mostly for free -- The Solari, Oilcast, A Call to Action, Deconsumption, The Party's Over by Richard Heinberg, Where is the Money?, Global Research and again, many more excellent web sites... very creditable authors here. Lend them your ears, please.

One of my favorite's is the September Eleventh Organization. Imgaine, these folks suffered the most tragic event in the history of our nation, and many are dying of lung and other disorders as I write this; they can't get the govt to give them any more acess still they trudge on for the sake of you and I.

I'm so humbled by these folks it leaves me speechless many nights. How dare I complain of my problems when these honorable folks are working so hard to help you, your children and even your grandchildren.

People. We have to try and find alternate resources to run our cars, light, heat and cool our homes. We need to save our planet and we're running out of time. If you're one of those that believes God has intended this -- think again. He gave us a beautiful mind to use, and the skills to survive. He didn't want us to throw it all away needlessly. We should honor God and turn ourselves around, utilizing the brain he gifted us with.

When you read your bible "think..." What were they trying to warn of us? Those that live in the past, are doomed to repeat it. Let us not forget and learn from them.


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