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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Sir Mick Jagger's Sweet Neo Con Thumbs-Up!

Sir Mick Jagger's New Neo-Con Song

Start this ole' gal up, Sir Mick Jagger & Keith! Glad you're back. Where ya been, mate!?! We need ya more now then ever! And "thank you," Mick. As for Keith. "Hey, don't sweat it, man." You're not alone. Join the millions of "bush bashers," like the too many to count baby-boomers, the younger generation(s), and plenty of the middle-agers and elderly, as well.

Some FYI Facts About Sir Mick Jagger:

I bet a lot of people didn't know that Mick Jagger attended the "London School of Economics," before composing songs in the 1960's. He's been in at least 12 movies and has performed very well, I might add. He's extremely talented, and a damn good actor - this guy is more then part of the "best band in the world," he's an intellect, as many are probably unaware of just how smart Mick Jagger and his band really are.

Photo Courtesey of Wikimedia.

Mick is preparing for a new tour along with Keith. The Rolling Stones are armed with a new son called "Sweet Neo Con," calling George W. Bush "full of Shit!" Their new album is entitled "A Bigger Bang" The Rolling Stones New Studio Album 2005 and according to press releases, it's scheduled for July 26, 2005 and the album will be released to the public on September 5th in Europe and September 6th in Canada and the USA. More News here...

Let's see. (hahahaha...)
  • All the Latest News on Mick Jagger's New Song "Sweet Neo Con," quotes from Mick himself "about all this," the new CD release, album releases and concert tours can be pleasantly viewed right here.
  • The UK Telegraph is Covering The Rolling Stones.
  • News Hounds, CA has an article you gotta read, "Now the Fascists at Fox are fter Mick Jagger." Don't worry News Hounds, no one watchcs Faux News, "Unfair and Super Unbalanced" anymore.
  • Reuters article quote, "Stones target 'hypocrite' patriots in new song" further stating (The Rolling Stones) "are taking aim at the American right" and this fan says "I gotta get a concert ticket and fast!"
  • The BBC has a story here and here.
  • E Online's "That's Sir Mick Jagger to you."
  • Even The Druge Report's talking about it.
  • MSNBC's Newsweek Online Section has "the worlds greatest rock band" in an article about their new CD & Tour, too.
  • Entertainment News Article from Reuters in the UK quotes Mick saing "It is direct" about those "Sweet Neo Con's"... tee-hee, hahaha! Direct link here.
  • And my favorite,'s "Gossip Round-up" has a snippet to "Sweet Neo Con," with a quote from the song's lyrics. For your first viewing pleasure here it is: "You call yourself a Christian, I call you a hypocrite/You call yourself a patriot. Well, I think your are full of shit." The New York Post
And I'll add a Liberal Apology to CNN & MSNBC today: Yes, CNN's Wolf Blitzer & MSNBC gave Sir Mick Jagger "and" Cindy Sheehan & the Peace Protestors at Camp Casey air time today. Great. But what's with the blonde Ron Reagan has to deal with daily? She got really hot under the collar today when the opposing side spoke against the War in Iraq & Bush. Wow. I mean, even the guy "she" had on her side of the debate issue held his self together more then her. What's up with her? Shew.... amazing, these times.

Anyway, just run a search on Google or Yahoo, whatever. 'Cause it's all over the Blogosphere even if (dare I say) you can't catch this on "most" of CNN or MSNBC's TV land. And before any of the fascists loose their ever-loving minds, well no, I think they already have. At least MSNBC and a little of CNN is pushing for Mick Jagger and Cindy Sheenean. Keep it up, please. Maybe you'll earn our respect, again.

Ok- Whatever.

Nevertheless, before the right-wing nutbag mud-slinging begins "here me loud and clear on this one neo-con and/or Republican supporters," Keith Richards has lived in the US for a long time and pays TONS of taxes in America, just like Mick Jagger has for decades now when he tours here. The Rolling Stones has made boo-koo money for a lot of folks in the USA. Besides, this isn't anything new for the "greatest band in the world."

Quoting the UK Reuters, "In their 43-year career, the Stones have observed political developments in songs like 1968's "Street Fighting Man," but have generally avoided taking sides. Notable exceptions included the 1983 single "Undercover (of the Night)," about civil rights abuse in Latin America, and 1991's Gulf War-related track "Highwire."

We really need our music & moviestar powers now, like never before, and that includes "Sir Mick Jagger!" Because it's art, freedom of expression, freedom of speech and... Dissent: The Most Patriotic Act Any American Can and Should Do!

Those who give up essential liberties for temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. Benjamin Franklin

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