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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Support Casey Sheehan's Mom, Cindy

Cindy Sheehan Deserves So Much More

Yes, she does. Oh, we all know she does. Come on. Look. I have my TV turned-off right now and you wanna know why? Because I'm am sick and tired of CNN, MSNBC and all the other lamestream media talking-spinning heads talking about movie star gossip, the poor gal missing in Aruba for months now, but nothing about Casey and his mom Cindy Sheehan.

Casey is Cindy Sheehan's son. Well, he "was," because "he died in Iraq." And Cindy wants to ask Mr. Bush why her son died, for what purpose was it? She's camped miles down the road from his Crawford, Texas ranch surrounded by Secret Service people, police - you name it just peacefully sitting in the sweltering heat and blistering rain, at times taking comfort at the small Crawford Peace House. Will Bush talk to her? Not yet he hasn't. Is this anyway to treat a fallin' hero's mother who gave her son for his ideals and WMD that have yet to be found? You see, we were lied to and all people can do in this country is rally behind their Republicans Party? It's not about whether you're a Republican, Libertarian, Green, or Democrat, it's about blood, death, war and lies... and world demonination and Oil.

You can't support Casey if you don't support his mother. It's that plain & Simple. If you support our troops while they're alive and when they die you have to support their mothers. And, if you don't get it, I can't explain it any more simpler than that.

Bob Harris get's it. His blog article hit's it right on the nose, "Whom Will Bush Arrest First: Sheeham or Bin Laden?" Bob, you must have been reading my mind. I'll add a "really" to that great blog of yours. 'Cause the news is that Cindy Sheehan is a "Security Threat." Bet they didn't think so when her son died in the hunt for Bin Laden... I mean Hussein.

This guy cares, and he cares a lot for the poor, the hunger, the jobless, etc.

Blessed are those that mourn, fore they shall be mourned.
Blessed are the meek, fore they shall inherit the earth.
Blessed are the peacemakers, fore they shall find peace.

Jesus Christ

We should all be so lucky to be this couragous, this strong on our convictions, and to have someone that will stand for us when we can no longer speak for ourselves 'cause we're dead.

Dear Main Stream TV Media: I know the woman who lost her daughter in Aruba is important. But it's been months now... how about giving one of our dead soldiers mothers some air time but they will not. And you know why. Guess... if you don't know, you're not paying attention.

Some Stories (tons more) on the Blogosphere Watching Over Cindy Sheehan:

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Every Mother's Son, by William Rivers Pitt of

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President Bush Ditches Mother of Slain Soldier by the Lonestar Iconoclast

The Lone Star Iconoclast does, too.

Peace Journal supports her.

Do you?


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  • At 9:09 PM, August 09, 2005, Blogger Liberal Chrystie said…

    You know, it's been said by those with close-minds, or the under-educated that "war is hell," and innocent children, women and men, as well as Guards touring 4 times over (a.k.a. backdoor draft) are "collateral damage;" You know, it's war and it's hell.

    But that's when the war is for a sincere reason. You should checkout where anyone can send these guys some cash, not loans, but cash from your wallet -- a nice charity act for those over there literally dying for you and I - all in the name of a big, fat lie.

    Military advanced loans: Sorry "redmark," but I'm leaving my "bluemark" on you.

  • At 9:43 PM, August 09, 2005, Blogger Liberal Chrystie said…

    Here's a great place to send cash for a great cause:

    Cindy Sheehan
    c/o Crawford Peace House
    9142 5th St.
    Crawford, Texas 76638-3037

    Her fallin' hero son, Casey whom died in Iraq is 'bout the best charity going right now. Don't you think.


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