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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

That Hissing Sound Sounds About Right

Paul Krugman, an op-ed Columnist with the New York Times has a great article just published yesterday defining the housing bubble our country is heading into. In his article, "That Hissing Sound." Mr. Krugman spells it out in user-friendly language this kid understands -- he's right, at least in my semi-big city.

Prices sky-rocked over the past 4-5 years, like know one had ever seen in this area before. Everyone - neighbors, folks you bang into while shopping and some very good Real Estate agents I know personally (very creditable at that) all agree that Mr. Krugman's is, well, right! The price of homes, known as a housing bubble is already hissing... prices are coming down. Right now the prices of home along the ocean and in very sought-out areas of beach resorts are at such a low price they're cheaper to live in (resort towns and smaller ones in a 6 to35 mile radius) along (i.e.) the Delmarva (Delaware/Maryland/Virginia) area then in outer-lining areas of Baltimore, Harford, Howard and surrounding counties.

And if you compare these prices with homes in counties outside of other bigger cities it's some difference. Just last year a buyer couldn't touch a home in or near a resort seaside town or city. Now -- wow. The prices are cheaper then small bungalow type homes in not-so-great suburbans. Gas prices might have something to do with it, but I think people are bracing for that bubble to burst. Even I've figured that one out and I'm no Paul Krugman and lousy at math. Still, common sense tells you "what goes up, up, up, has got to eventually hit a ceiling, then come crashing down." Sure, it's a hiss, but a pretty loud one. Though some areas are hanging in there.

See, people are bracing for the economy to get even worse. It's inevitable and in clear site since the Bankruptcy bill passed giving regular citizens (98 percent of us) no protection if we get sick, disabled, lose our jobs or hit hard times. None of us are perfect. Sure, there are some that abuse the system, but why should it be "ok" for big corporations to go bankrupt "whenever they feel it's right for just them - not us," so they give themselves million dollar bonuses before filing their huge bankruptcies while the rest of us fend for ourselves. They even rob their employees of their hard-earned pensions (think big steel corporations, airlines, and others) when in reality these same corporations still are in business, just under mergers and new or already owned names we've never heard of.

Please people... Vote Democrat Next-Time. Save us from this constant "Culture of Corruption!"

No. I think Americans are beginning to really waking-up to Bush2-Economics and it's not good. I almost feel sorry for Greenspan. Even CNN today had to admit that Bush's polls have sunk super downwards. I mean, really, really low--low-low. This isn't going to help any of us, or big corporations either so today Greenspan increased your debts interest rates by .25 percent. Sure, it doesn't sound like much. But 10 times in the last five years. This is why the super-rich just get superiorly richer and the upper-middle class took another underserved nose-dive today.

This of the majority of us who pay well-over $2.50 for a loaf of bread! It's sad passing by the fruits and veggies I'm told by my gov't to eat when I can't even afford to passby those great, healthy foods. I'm going to try to move and find a home with at least a big enough area to grown my own -- if I can squeeze between that hissing housing bubble prices. That means moving to a totally different area, but all of us could use a nice change from time to time in our life, right.

By next year these economic woes will hit everyone still harder. Remember that term, "the trickle down" affect. Ah, ha.... wasn't that under Reagan (Republican). Ah, ha.... And with pressures from most wanting that baseless war in Iraq to end "like as soon as possible," the majority of people will continue to turn off their cable, satellite and other services (like paying off most of their credit card bills), tossing all the new offers in the trash (everyone is saying they're doing just that). Then, and only then will big business realize they really do need us, the American public. Till that time, if I were a politican I'd be spending every spare moment with my constiguents helping them any way I could during this crisis and let their possible future voters know they really do "care" about us enough to help us some here.

Back to Paul Krugmans's Article, The Hissing Sound:

There were about 4 other articles I found running a search at the Google Latest News site, and he has 1 detractor that goes so far as to pick apart (literally) every paragraph Paul Krugman wrote. But this kid knows better... Mr. Krugman, you are right-on, and not because of your feelings about "Rove," per se, rather Mr. Krugman has the courage and decency to speak about politicians, calling "a spade, a spade" when he see one. And he should. I commend him for his efforts to tell his readers what's really going on, unlike so many other columnists with obvious Neo-Con agendas which merely equate to me their somehow pro-investment in oil, steel and wars.

I personally do not see this in Mr. Krugman's articles. Rather, all that shouts-out is a detractor doing just that - bringing up politics.

Party affiliation in the country has created a horrible divide and where I sit it's the Republicans that have done all they can to distract everyone, including reporters, journalists, television, radio and even op-ed columnist's like Paul Krugman. No wonder our mainstream media is afraid to tell "we the people" the truth and you know what... I think I hear a "hissing sound" coming from them, too. Just do us a favor (MSM): Can you let the air out just a little faster, huh?

Thanks. The majority of Americans will love you for it. Think of it. You could be the next heros. You keep on going and telling it like it is. Don't worry about the detractors. We all have them :) They're just small bumps in the road.


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