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Sunday, August 07, 2005

They're "Dying to Preserve the Lies"

Dying to Preserve the Lies: is a site that will break your heart.

Snipped from their prologue: "In our family, we have 2 young Iraq veterans, having served already extended 15 months in Iraq are facing 2nd Deployments now, in few short months. This is no longer an all volunteer military; it has become perpetural entrapment for many of the troops. Years more of war in Iraq and Middle East with multiple rotated tours in combat; when will we bring home our troops?"

Read their Sunday, August 7, 2005 article entitled, "Secret Service intimidation looks like deliberate political action." Written by Cindy Sheehan who's 24 year old son died in Iraqi. She marched to Crawford, Texas to ask President Bush what her son died for. She never got an answer while being ordered to walk for miles in a ditch. Of course, the media was all over the roads, though.

Then read all about Cindy Sheehan, Speeches, Photos from the event; Congressmen John Conyer's Hearings on the Downing Street Minutes from June 16, 2005 here.

It will either made you sick or sad... take your pick -- it's a daily minute-by-minute event these days.


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