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Monday, August 01, 2005

Time for Health Care for All - 40th Anniversary

I found this great article distributed by the Knight Ridder/Tribune Information Service on the internet tonight and thought I'd share it with all. Entitled, Time for Health Care for All on Medicare's 40th Anniversary: It's written by Holly Sklar and shows that there are still people that care enough to push through the neo-con's, ultra-conservative Republicans, and big uncaring corporations agendas to take (1st) our Social Security from us, and now our Medicare.


"If Americans without health insurance were a nation, the population would be bigger than Canada -- plus Michigan, Montana, New Hampshire and Vermont. Canada, like other industrialized nations besides ours, provides universal health coverage.

Contrary to myth, the United States does not have the world's best health care. It has the costliest."

Read more here.


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