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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

You Bet Jesus Would Love A Liberal

Banged into the most fantastic site! It's call, Would Jesus love a liberal? You bet! and its literally blown me away. If anyone has felt the anguish under these most troubling, radical times, just go here and feel better.

There are tons of links and files for everyone; you will not feel or be excluded. To give one an idea of what this site has to offer, (too many to list here), below are just a few of the catagories:

General Religious Resources, Progressive Christian and Politics from a Christian Perspective. There are areas like Pluralism and Tolerance, Recovering Christianity from the Right, Spiritual Belief Quizzes, Messages Boards for every imaginable subject and plenty of various Denominational website links. There is the More Progressive Religions, Biblical Liberalism, and links to Religous Texts Online, Studies of Jesus, Separation of Church and State, Poverty and Peace, Bibles and Reading, Polics and Justice Periodicals and even an area for Book finds.

Wow... there are even Gender Studies and Philosphy/Psychology site links, too. The nice part about this site is that everyone will feel welcomed and there is even a section for Atheists for Christ! So Click here and read some good scriptures on and off site.

Enjoy and Peace be With you in your internet travels.


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