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Wednesday, September 07, 2005


The Authentic KATRINA TIMELINE. Read it here.

The Democrat's open-letters to the public.

U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu, D-LA issues a statement blasting Bush on his seriously late response.

Eric Alterman of's "Altercation's" Shock & Staging of Bushs' tour in areas of the flood areas that really were not -- all staged. Read it right here. I sadly kid you not! Mr. Alterman has plenty of links to prove everything he says. Thank you, Mr. Alterman.

Read here about Bush's faked repairs of levees only for the cameras, and the faking of repairs here, as well.

Read the Crisis Paper. It helps me when I'm feeling all alone in my thoughts and totally disgusted with the worse leadership my countrymen and women have had to endure, in sad, total anguish. You will get the truth, news-wise here, so help me God.

GOV. KATHLEEN BLANCO. Hang-in there. Here's one American behind you, all the way.

I'm even more appalled then Mr. Alterman, David Gregory, and even Mr. Shepherd (Fox News) and their long-time anchor Geraldo, the latter both (Fox) anchors drived to tears and begging for compassion before the Rove Machine could get their hands all over CNN, MSNBC and Fox News on Television and yes, I seen a 360 degree turn in news reporting after Bush's visit on Friday -- these stations are notorious for their backing of the neo-con's and Bush's regime and even they were appalled - I know, I watched it and I never watch that station. Oh, they're anti-democrat so don't give me that crap that our news reporters are "liberal." But if you really want to know what I think it's plain and simple. Something's wrong when I know with my own eyes and ears that as we went in to Afghanastan, only to fast detour into Iraq for at the time, unknown reasons, these stations were screaming out to us (if only half of us were really listening) that 9/11 had major flaws. Checkout their websites and run some searches, that is, if many of the stories haven't already been pulled, and they have pulled many already over the years.

What does this administration have over our media? And if you don't like those co-called "liberal" media reporters, for starters they are not, and secondly, you sure didn't mind all the media sharks swarming over Clinton for the entire 8 years he ran this country into one of the best economically calming time since I can remember. And it was all over 1 lie. 1 of-age consenting adult. The Republicans spent more money taking Clinton out, but it's ok for Bush & Company to lie like hell and rob the American people of billions of dollars, maybe more in a war based on all lies, and now leaving Amerians to die along the streets of New Orleans and other cities.

Read what Fox News has to say about Bush's approval rating. It's lower then ever, historically low and I mean low. America has been shaken to the reality many of us were already aware of. Sadly, only God knows at this point how many lives it took this time (9/11 was bad enough) to question where our President, VP, Condi shopping for shoes, and the others were for 5 long, insufferable days while those they swore to protect were, well... dying for lack of a drop of water. Now, they're being forced out by our military, whom I thought were sworn to protect their fellow Americans. And one has to question why these folks don't trust their gov't...!?!

I thought 9/11 was the saddest day in history, then I thought trying to take our Social Security from us was the saddest day in American's history; then I thought turning our mainstream television and radio news anchors was the saddest day in America's history; and then I thought outing Mr. Wilson's CIA covert spy wife, Mrs. Valeris Plame Wilson was the saddest day in history; then I thought dividing our country like never before seen in my lifetime was the saddest day in America's history; and still yet to come was when all the votes were obviously stolen by 3 Republican owned voting companies was the saddest day in the country I grew-up in, the country I was born in was the saddest day in my country's history; sending our troops into Iraq when they were suppose to go after this forgotten evil man named Bin Laden, but became Bin Forgotten even in our President's own words was the saddest day in the history of America; still as I watch my country go down the tubes, knowing even the middle-class were no longer needed by the wealthest that back up the worse President and VP in the history of our country and now the Gulf flooding -- leaving my fellow Americans to starve, dehydrate, leaving their bodies all along the streets of New Orleans and other cities has to be the saddest day in history thus far.

Then, I realize, there is always tomorrow because I no longer know my country. I want to leave. And I never, ever thought I'd ever feel this way. No. How can a handful of people do this to us? All I can think of about is, how can I muster up enough hope to believe that maybe tomorrow it will no longer be the saddest day in America's history, because where I sit, and in my saddest viewpoint, our country, America, is no more. Will someone save the day? Will folks somewhere deep within save us from ourselves and the world?

If not, there might not be any more saddest days, rather we'll all have something in common. It will be living the saddest years in our history.

May God Please Bless America. We really need you know and so does the world. Because I'm weary of being sad. And I'm angry as hell. Many are leaving America now for other countries. I won't be far behind them if this continues much further. And if you're one of those hateful, angry, mean-spirited people known as human beings, well, you can just move on as Chrystie is no longer in any mood to deal with your arrogant, uncompassionate fake selves.


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