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Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Democratic Underground

After the stunning election of Bush in November of 2004, my flabbergast was left all over my bedroom floor. It was about 10 minutes before midnight and as I channel-switched around, from every major news station on the tube, I couldn't believe my eyes when a victory was suddenly called for Bush. Shocked, I went to bed assuming it was all one big mistake. After all, Wolf of CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and MSNBC all called a victory for Senator Kerry of MA.

The next day, after returning from college I hurried to the tube new-feeds and was even more shocked, well, I was sickened to hear Bush as he gave that infamous victory speech where he said something like "I've got my mandate, going to spend it on whatever I please and either you're with me or..." Well, my heart sunk. How could a President speak to my fellow Americans as if we were now the enemies? This was what he said during that other speech from the House or Senate floor, when he was preparing to take us into a war against Afganastan. He said those words to other countries that did not back us up. Now, he was saying this to us.

Since then, nothings been the same. Never in my wildest (nightmares) did I ever think I'd see my President speak in such a manner. So, in total desperation for some sort of rationale I hit the Internet. It's no great pleasure to admit I soon found I wasn't alone, rather on the contrary. People were way ahead of me. But, I lost a few years there because my husband died in a tragic, unexpected accident. So here I was, finally returning to life to a world I had abandoned during my sad, long lonesome journey only to find the world outside had changed for the worse.

During my internet serch for the "truth," I found From there came many, many other websites, some listed on the right sidebar. But the place I found where I could not only hang-out with others as upset and bewildered as I and actually speak my mind, and read other's thoughts (some extremely well-versed & in-the-know) was the Democratic Underground. At first I lingered about, lurking in the background afraid... when I think of that now, I can't imagine why I was so frightened. After all, I was born free - an American through and through tied to the red white and blue. But there I was, terrified of being - I dunno, lynched by these Right-Wing fanaticals. As a History major I still find it hard to believe how scared I was.

But, I'm not afraid anymore. No. I was born free. And no one is going to take that away from me. I don't break the law. Rarely do I drive over the speed-limit, though everyone else is always passing me on the highways and that's when I am going slightly over the limit - go figure. I respect everyone above myself, and treat others as I'd want them to do unto me, even when they don't. I make mistakes just like the next guy and gal, but never intentionally. But, as an American, can one imagine being afraid to speak my mind, to voice my God-given right, and American born right to freely feel and say whatever. When one grows-up knowing the "golden rule," isn't that enough? Apparently now according to some.

Now, I watch from the side lines as our civil liberties, and rights are on a fast-track to hell and for the life of me I don't understand why? It's as if they hate us. Oh, I want to protest. I really, really do as does everyone I know - of all ages, and backgrounds. Yet, as hard as it seems, everyone is either waiting for others to start so they can follow, or they're afraid and that's truly sad. If Liberal Chrystie has a friend to go with, she's certainly go to Washington and hold a sign to protest this bad admininstration (worse ever, honestly!). Maybe she'll gather up her courage and go it alone. Lord knows she's ready too 'cause, she misses her country.

When we give-up our freedom and liberties, we give-up of our souls and the terrorists win.

What has become of my country I once knew? Why has the GOP gone mad? Why does my President wish to listen to me on the telephone? Why? We're not the enemies. I thought we were suppose to go after Bin Ladin and that Taliban?

We'll we ever recover? Liberal Chrystie just does not know. I hope the good guys and gals are sincerely working real hard and fast in the background to restore some sanity and sense back to our once great nation. Guess that's all one has is hope, though it certainly should be a lot more.

God Bless Us, 'cause we really need ya now.


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