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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Has She No Shame: Katherine Harris vs. Ben Nelson

According to today's headline story from The HuffingtonPost, Katherine Harris is seriously low on campaign money, but, hey... that won't stop Florida's Gov. Jeb Bush from stacking the election votes in her favor.

Even though Democrat Bill Nelson has 6 million for his campaign, compared to Harris at about 1 million or so, though it's hard to tell the way the article is written. Comments are coming-in, just the same.

You figure it out (She gave herself ? 250k, but raised over 1 million):

AP Writer, Brendan Farrington (Yahoo Article)

"Fundraising has also gone slower than she expected and she acknowledged Saturday that she gave her campaign $250,000 during the final quarter of last year. She said, however, that she raised more than $1 million in other cash contributions — double the amount she raised in her first quarter of fundraising."

When asked how she felt compared to (D) Nelson's 6 million in the bank since September, Harris reportedly stated, "We know that when we turn out the Republicans, we'll be victorious."

Ah-ha! Obviously "more" Floridians have already placed their money on the candidate they want to represent them, "Ben Nelson." Yet, Harris sure seems like it's a shoe-in.


Has she no shame after the 2000 Presidential election?


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