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Monday, January 16, 2006

Just Say NO to the Alito Nomination

Nomination Watch

This is a good site I found that's an "easy read" for anyone watching the Judge Alito Supreme Court nomination.

Run by the National Women's Law Center, it's very insightful. If you value freedom & liberty, and regardless of your views on abortion, rather you feel a woman has a right to choose, checkout this site.

And while you're at it, clicking HERE will send a message of "NO" to Alito. Don't do it for your idealogy, do what's right for the entire country. A man wouldn't want a women telling him what he can and can not do with his body and his most intimate part of his life, anymore then a women does either.

Once we go backwards in our lifestyles in a "civilized" nation, we're doomed to repeat our pasts. Haven't we evoled more then that? Would Jesus have you cast the first stone at one of your fellow human beins?

Judge not, fore thee shall be judged.


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