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Friday, January 27, 2006

Wikimedia Foundation Needs Help Folks

Personal Appeal From The Wikimedia Foundation:

Come on folks. Make a tax-deductable donation to Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales.

Wikipedia was the best online find for me in eons. You can find almost anything defining and it's great for a fast reference. Whether it be historic in nature, famous people, quotes, people, places and things - you name it.

But, right now the founder of this site needs our help.

Did You Know: It's one of the top 30 web sites on the Internet, and it was accomplished (2005) spending less then $750,000.00 growing rapidly, it's offered in other languages, to boot!

You can donate using Paypal, other methods, calling an 1-800 number or snail-mail.

Disclosure: This site & webmistress has no vested interest in Wikipedia (wish I had :), other then passing on the word for a site I happen to cherish. And, because thanks to this site all age groups from around the world can read free textbooks, reference works, all created freely.


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