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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Yahoo web beacons may not shine with users

Yahoo web beacons may not shine with users

Dear God... here we go again.

If you're concerned for you lack of privacy (and who isn't these days), and you're an avid user of Yahoo let me suggest you read this latest hitting article, "Yahoo Web Beacons," by Mary Landesman over at

And these beacons are not just in your emails, it goes much, much further. Here's what to do to opt-out as I just did:

1. Goto the Yahoo Privacy Policy page.
2. Run a search for the area entitled "Cookies."
3. Click on "web beacons."
4. Click the 1 link "opt-out."

Leave it at that. Do not click on that link below.

What a world... we buy all the gadgets, and they'll screw us every time.


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